Friday, September 30, 2016

day 30, challenge complete!

i'm so proud of myself for finishing this 30 day challenge with only 5 days of rest!  not only that, but this painting is going to be one i will cherish forever.  the skills i am using in this canvas are new and i'm just thrilled that i am achieving a level i never thought i'd get to.  onward and upward for me, as long as i keep the practice up, taking classes to gain new knowledge and opening my heart to the worlds wonders.

in the beginning of this challenge, day one, we saw me bringing words to the canvas.  words that i hoped to achieve or that i already am.  these were only positive words, as i open myself to all the good that is coming to me.

remembering day 1

and here we are at day 30

not done with her, yet


she's getting there...

until later,

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