Sunday, January 29, 2017

buddha and butterflies now in the shop

hi there.  i did some tweaking of my painting and am now happy to report it is now in the shop.

introducing 'buddha and butterfly'

this is a little 5x5 painting with collaged elements, so the texture that came out when we scanned is lovely.  i used some india ink to make three of the butterflies in the collaged paper stand out a bit.  just so happy with this one.

 cool travel mug

notebook came out great

more items of this painting as well in the shop.

until later,

Friday, January 27, 2017

peaceful painting day

today i felt the muse!  it has been a peaceful day full of art therapy, and i'm so glad that it came in a loving way instead of the anger and unrest i have been feeling lately with pita pups passing.

i have two small canvasses i prepped in the same way with papers and inks that came out very dark, but very pretty

imagine two of these

i knew what needed to be painted on them, but they have been sitting here for many months, waiting very patiently.

today was the day.

first stage, roughing in the face

adding in some color to deepen the mood

stopping point for today. 

i'm very pleased that it came together with minimum of fighting me.  i love the texture of the papers underneath, and the depth i could create with the layers of paint.  this one is going to be amazing in the shop, since it's a small canvas, with lots of texture.  can't wait to see it as a tote!

until later,

Friday, January 20, 2017

breathing as self care

it's been 10 days since pita went Home.

it's been difficult to live during these first terrible days.  i had to pay the remaining vet bill the next day, going thru that door so soon after going home without my fur-child.  and they called me the day before his 16th birthday to let me know his ashes were back.  i was so raw after that call that i knew i could not go that evening, especially by myself, so i made mental arrangements to go the next day, realizing then that i would be picking him up on his birthday.  my vets office, all the staff, they are wonderful.  after being their clients all these years, they know me by sight as well as name (except for the newbies).  both times i went to do business i was met at the chair i sat on, waiting my turn.  i was not allowed to wait in agony.  they came to me quickly and with the needed items in hand to do 'business' quickly, give me a hug, sincere condolences and a sweet word about my boy, and i was able to leave quickly, crying in private in the car before pulling out of the drive.

he now rests close to his favorite spot on the couch, 
and this was his spot to watch out the window

pitas box is beautiful, and i also received a paw print, which is nice to hold and rub the sweet indentations of his little toes.  the vets office also always sends a card which everyone signs.  the words of comfort and memories of my sweet boy they used shows again how loved he was.   my vet tech friend wrote such nice words, knowing pitas whole story and how very much he was loved and how big a hole i have in my heart.

i've had a sick grieving tummy since the day i knew the inevitable.  my tummy is stupid with emotions.  'hey, you're excited about christmas, lets make you uncomfortable for two weeks before".  "hey, i know you're angry at so-and-so, won't it be fun to have a tummy ache as well?"  so, of course i have a tummy ache when my support puppy goes to join my son.  why wouldn't i?  hopefully it goes soon.

i've been sleeping a lot.  like a LOT.  naps are my friend these days, yet i still have to coax my body to stay up at least until 7 or 8.  i'm old so my bedtime is normally 9, but not these days.

i'm glad i signed up for 4 big classes this year, but for right now i'm just downloading and trying to keep up with notes.  yesterday i did start in on my facing forward lesson i was half way finished with in september (?).  and i did a *very* quick journal spread yesterday.  it was a win to just go to the studio!

photo makes it look sadder than it does in person.  
there is fun texture there

my other dog, lucy, had some adjustments to make, and is doing well.  she has started looking for me which she never did before.  she seems more attentive and needs more attention from me as well. i know she misses the doggy play time, because she's starting to be more outgoing with the cat instead of wanting to chew him up and spit him out.

my time on Facebook has been different.  it just doesn't do it for me.  i've started to 'like' posts here and there, but i'm not as outgoing as i used to be, and while i go to check on friends and my art people, i don't stay as long as i used to.  nothing is holding my interest and thats par for the course.  i've been reading when i can concentrate which is good to take my mind off life for a while.  keeps the brain oiled up.

mark has been the hero, as usual.  doing his hero things that he does so well.  he's a good doobie, and i think i'll keep him.

it's an adjustment, all around.  and i'm letting myself do what i need as self care.  day 1, i was pacing the house, cleaning up everything, not knowing what to do next.  the next few days i was glad lucy has a good bladder.  i'm starting to do a bit more around the house here and there. i'm just going with the current of grief.  if all i can do is breathe, then thats better than not-- or so i've been told.

until later,

Monday, January 16, 2017

spirit of the elephant is in the shop

it's taken me a couple of days to blog about it, as i'm still catching my breath over the loss of my pita pup, but i have new products in my shop from my spirit of the elephant painting.

the full painting as a print

makes a beautiful comforter

as a tote

and the shirt made me laugh so we kept it

and the cropped print

as an iPad case

and a mug

these products and more are in the shop!

until later,

Friday, January 13, 2017

finally 'finished' a waiting piece

i re-worked this piece today...

she's been sitting patiently in the studio with me skirting her every time i needed to move around the area.  she's a huge one, and i was not yet happy but hadn't found her muse yet.

today, she found me.  i guess pain really does help the artist create beauty, and art helps us thru the pain.  how can this be a win?  i don't know.  just one of those questions we will never be able to answer.

here she is!

she really pops now
 even in bad lighting

there are hints of her past life still visible.  

i adore her, and she will be getting a new name.  

"spirit of the elephant"

now we have to figure out how to photograph her to put her in the shop.  have i mentioned that she's huge?  cause, she is.

until later,

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

in memory...

in memory of my beloved Pita Pocket, january 17, 2001- january 10, 2017

pita was gifted to me 2 1/2 years after the death of my son, winter, by sweet family friends who saw my grief and were breeding pomeranian pups at that time.  i fell in love with their little girl, how devoted the breed is, and knew i needed a shadow.  and, did i get my wish!

baby pita

pita pup was a devoted little man.  such a sweet guy.  if someone met him, they loved him.  in fact, he won over a few pom 'haters' with his gentle attitude.  one of our vets first meetings with him commented that they weren't big fans of the breed because they knew several that were just plain mean.  he won them over, and big!

whats this?

 i think someone peed on it before i got here

he loved his big sister, sandy, and met her in heaven yesterday

and sandy loved him like a son

pita really loved belly rubs!

but he really, really loved his mommy!


his favorite time was christmas, 
and he had a ball unwrapping gifts each year.
even if the gift wasn't for him.

i'm going to miss my little shadow!

time to fly, my sweet pita pup.  
thank you for the love.
mommy will be ok

until later,