Tuesday, August 29, 2017

a blog along!

hi there.  it's me.  again.  i know i posted just yesterday about the paintings i put up in my society6 shop, but i'm here now because sweet effy wild has created a blog along challenge for the month of september, and i have decided to jump in!

i used to enjoy writing as a child and young adult but have just gotten out of practice and lazy.  i think writing about ones life is important, especially as one gets older and more, um, forgetful.  i also think my blog has stagnated and gotten rather boring and i want to add my personality in it instead of "here, i painted this" and "here, i put those paintings up in my shop".  BORING!

i want to show more of who i am

what my world is like

what I'm interested in

the good, the bad, and the ugly

i've decided that this blog should be more about what makes me tick, as thats what really creates the artist inside!  my art is for me, i create paintings for myself not for consumerism.  i create pieces that resonate in my own heart, and i think i started thinking more about not wanting to bore people who *may* read the blog.  there are a hell lot more people not reading than there are reading this, so i need to get it back to me.  it's ok to have my blog about me!

so, starting september first, i will be writing daily in an attempt to get back into my head.  effy has prompts in case i decide i don't know what to write about, so that should help a lot!

and i'll apologize in advance for the influx of posts and notifications that will be happening.  some things must happen to create change.  and this is a good change.

until later,

Monday, August 28, 2017

three new in the shop!

hi there!  my sweet man was able to work with me this weekend to get my newest paintings in the shop.  i'm also proud to say that since getting a february 2018 date for my library showing four months ago i've gotten eight new paintings completed!  thats pretty good progress for me.  i know that once the show is under wraps, i will be free to work on other mediums, not just canvas, so that will taper down.  of course i'll still be making works on paper still available in the shop (if they are shop worthy), but the pressure i give myself to have show quality work will be less.

so, here they are!

the seeker;

and cards

tail of the peacock;

sweet curtains

a funky backpack

and much more!

queen of her own healing;

and totes

as usual, you can find more items available for each painting at my heavenspirit creations store.  i noticed that we forgot to add "queen of her own healing" as a tapestry, so we will fix that this evening.

until later,

Friday, August 25, 2017

a therapy canvas

i had an experience the other day that triggered my inner 'injured child' who fretted and freaked out.  instead of stewing in that pot of fermented awfulness i decided to slather paint to canvas to release the trauma of the day and of my past.

then i searched my collections of royalty free images for the right feeling i wanted for this piece and started painting her right on the canvas, no planning or sketching first, which has been a must for me until this point.

added her hands

and gave her a crown and small plant, symbolizing new growth;

she's still a work in progress, but she has been very healing for me!

she is titled 
"queen of her own healing"

until later,

Thursday, August 10, 2017

newest paintings in the shop

hi there.  i've neglected to blog this week.  it's been an up and down few days/weeks in my little world, but i'm still here!

this week i've been varnishing three out of my four newest paintings (not enough horizontal space for a big operation like that), a smaller one i had forgotten about, and all of my minis.  i had already sprayed my minis, thinking that would give them the shine i wanted for them, but it just wasn't enough, so i went ahead and did them with the good stuff as well.

20 minis, ready for their ribbon hangers

getting all shiny

last weekend was busy and parts were too rainy to get good photos, but we managed to find a sunny spot when we weren't doing anything, so we got some photos snapped and fought society6 to get them uploaded to my shop.  the site was having issues, but we were able to get two of the three up in the shop!

formally introducing Hay Day;

the framed print looks lovely!

here's the wall clock 

and the pouch
there are three sizes

and introducing The Farmers Daughter;

stunning as a framed print

the mug turned out nicely

and the tote is cool as well

check out these items, and more in my heavenspirit creations shop.  with over 100 paintings that can be put on multiple items, you are in a shoppers delight!

until later,

Friday, August 4, 2017

three (almost) finished paintings

i've been concentrating on slowly working two paintings these last few weeks.  they have meaning to me, and i signed them yesterday and hope to get them up in the shop this weekend, along with "the seeker".

the farmers daughter

this is a depiction of a pre-teen me with the barn that seems to be a childhood icon for me.  it was my world of make believe; it was where i learned my first lessons of life and death; where i saw the hard work of my parents, and knew the simple pleasures of sweet, hay filled air when the loft was finally filled.  this is my heart home.

untitled as yet

this was one i felt both drawn to paint and dreaded painting.  i took this photo in july 2013, as we went to visit my daddy.  i was happily surprised to see that it was hay day and the farmer doing the haying had parked his tractor in such a pleasing way next to the house.  i loved the composition of the scene and the contrast of the red tractor with the white house.  it was lovely.  but it was my dads last hay season, and while this image holds that sadness for me it also gives me such pride of the life my dad built for himself and his family.  he taught me a soft strength. he showed me how to be kind to all critters.  and he taught me that there can be a heaven on earth.

i'm very proud of these paintings, and i think they represent my feelings about my childhood the way i had intended.

the next painting i have almost finished is an abstract peacock.  i had started him a year or two ago but wasn't happy with him and let him rest.  i'm finally almost done with this dude, and am pretty happy with his crazy and colorful plumage.


i have not been doing much art other than canvas work these days.  i want to play in my art journals and not have to worry about being 'on' all the time.  my perfectionism isn't letting me do that, though, with my library show coming up.  my head keeps telling me that because i don't feel well enough to paint daily, when i do feel up to painting it must 'count'.  i feel i shouldn't waste my good moments to play on paper when i have a deadline.  i want to have a good amount of canvasses to pick the best ones for show.  it's a very silly mentality to have, but i'm ok with it.  i keep telling myself that once february first rolls around i can play in my art journals all i want, and the way time is flying these days it's just a blink away!

until later,