Wednesday, September 16, 2015

peacock feather canvas

i started a large canvas several days ago.  i had no idea where it was going to go, as most paintings i do are based on what it feels like as i go.  i started with just colors and shapes, and then sprayed india inks on the still wet acrylics.  i love the look it gives.

then i started dripping watered down acrylics

and added more layers of drippage with india inks and then a white drippage layer with watered down acrylic

it then told me what it wanted to become, i did a quick sketch and it came to life this morning

not sure if this is the end result or not.  it may need a few more tweaks, but i will sit with it for a while.

update to add a small change to the canvas.  i surrounded the small circles with the dark blue

until later,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

art journaling

i have this old lined journal that has been sitting since i bought it at the flea market this summer.

i don't know how old it is.  the writing inside looks old, but it has a magnetic enclosure hidden inside...

i thought it would make a very cute art journal for me.  the pages aren't so big that i could do spreads quickly even if i'm not feeling well, but there are many of them.

i decided to make it inspirational for me.  if i do any dark journaling, i hope it can be hidden within the layers.  sounds like me, actually.  i try to hide my darkness.  but i want this to be full of good quotes and such.


it's a peaceful feeling to become unafraid of who you are

queen of my own story

not all who wander are lost

i find it interesting that i adore my first girl, and the rest just don't impress me.  there is something wonderful about girl number 1.  her expression and coloring are fantastic.  while i do not want to duplicate myself with the girls, i do want them to have the same wonderfulness.  why would my first, effortless attempt be the most perfect?  maybe to show me that i can do this, i do have talent?  and the next ones will make me understand that i still need to work?  not everything will be effortless?  i do like my other girls, but they don't have 'it' like girl number 1 does.

so, these girls are based on a class that i am SLOWLY working thru, by mindy lacefield, called "paint your story" (i have yet to understand linking here, bare with me). i love her style of painting, but love other styles as well, so am trying it all until i find my own style.

until later,