About Me

My name is Jenny Gabrenas.  I am a self-taught artist and have lived in the Athol/Orange area in Massachusetts, United States, for over 20 years, after growing up on a small farm in Greenfield.



Creativity was always important to me but I became more serious about my art as my children grew up.  Needing an outlet for my loving energy, I started HeavenSpirit Creations in 2006, naming it in memory of my oldest son and my grandma.  I started my art venture with fabric Spirit Dolls, which became very popular. 


Finding that working the tiny stitches into the fabric dolls was not a good fit due to my health, I started to concentrate my artistic energies in painting starting in 2014.  Working in mixed media and focusing in acrylics, my ideal canvas has been one that creates joy or well-being in some way.   I feel my creativity was given to me to be a healing balm to myself and to others.

I strive to spread love and a sense of belonging thru my artwork. One of my current interests is to bring spirit animals, or animal messengers, to life on the canvas.

I am a retired homeschool mom, and second mom to their friends.  I am a woman with general anxiety disorder and depression.  I am quiet until I can trust you (and then watch out).  I am silly, and fully in love with my life as it unfolds, even with my trials and faults.  I have a beautiful marriage of 20 plus years to the biggest goofball, after struggling with a not so loving first marriage.  I have a past of hurt and loss that I am healing, but I have a future of joy and success in front of me.

I'm Jenny, and I am glad to meet you.

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