Wednesday, June 3, 2020

amazing results within the great pause

last I wrote I was about to give a new medicine a try for Babesia.  luckily the medicine wasn't as costly for us as it could have been, and also luckily for me the side effects have been minimal.

this medicine is called mepron (I'm on the generic), and my life is so much better for it!  my main issue with the medicine is that I must take it with a high fat meal.  those get me queasy, so I've been dealing with a yucky tummy twice a day for 2 months now.  poor sweetie is careful with the smells of his own meals, as its like dealing with a pregnant wife these days.  and, right after a queasy-making meal, I must force down this thick, yellow, paint-like substance that doesnt taste all that wonderful.  it's not been fun, but it has been a life saver so I deal with it.

it's worth the yuckies!

a few weeks ago I found a strange rash(s) on my knee.  they were not a bruise, as when they disappeared they didn't go all the colors of the rainbow, they just faded as quickly as they popped up.  I let my lyme doctor know and we both suspected bartonella, so am on a couple more tinctures to help with that.  my energy level has decreased since getting the rash, so another reason I'm suspecting another infection.

they got even brighter red than this

the tinctures I'll be on for a while, but the yucky medicine I'll only be on another month- unless we decide differently.  I'm counting the days!

while I've not been called for creativity on the canvas, I've been able to do hard work in the yard, helping to build raised gardens and planting them and various other jobs. I'm glad for the spring, as I'm able to get off social media and go within while getting my hands busy in the soil.  it's been very healing even before the harvest.

the gardens have been my canvas

this year we built 3 raised beds at 4'x4' doing the square foot gardening method.  we also have 9 "buckets 'o stuff" that were planted mostly with left overs from starting seeds inside, but 4 of them planted with potatoes.  I transplanted some others here and there on the property to do what they wished, and sweetie built a watermelon spot 

I love sitting on the bench, just being with my gardens

the potatoes are doing great, and this one has some flower buds starting

this mess I started clearing yesterday.  
some are raspberries, but there was a ton of tree babies in there.
on the left of the path is my hidden sitting spot under a lilac, but you cant see it

some of "the wildlings" with their wooden stakes to climb, 
and my watermelon area
I also have some sunflowers (bottom left) that were grown for this spot

my next project is to learn to can and preserve my harvest so I can have the healthiest food possible during the cold months!  

Lucy and I send you our love!

until later,