Wednesday, February 12, 2020

a new painting finished

I'm behind with posting my newest painting here.  although I've posted her on my other social media, I wanted to hold the story about her coming into being.

this painting was helped along as a response to Lets Face It class week 4 with artist Amy Beeman.  I had found a beautiful reference photo that matched what the class was doing, at my royalty free happy-place, unsplash.  I've wanted to learn how to paint red hair so was waiting to paint this model and was excited to dive into learning a little about using the Postershine app to help distinguish where highlights and lowlights are in the photo.

photo by branislav belko

(I go to unsplash to get ideas, color schemes, and inspiration for new paintings and to unwind and relax.  this is my happy place.  there are photos of places and cars and trees and just everything, within reason)

I used this reference loosely, as a guideline, but didn't care if I got it perfectly.  I just wanted the feel of her;  the long, red hair with highlights; the slight tilt to the face; the soft expression.   I did a quick sketch of the reference photo, just trying to get everything in roughly the correct places on the face.

I then went to town painting her.  didn't get any progress shots until the end.  it was a good day with motivation and I worked a long time, ignoring my own body pain and just doing the work.

"All You Need"

her title was the song that kept playing in my head as I painted her, so had to use it.  she makes me happy.

sweetie almost immediately put it up in my shops!

heres the society6 page for the art print

go to page and then scroll down to find more products 

society6 has new merchandise out, too!

I like how these notebooks came out

the redbubble site has changed.  I, for one am not a fan of change, and I find this one was counter-intuitive.  oh well.  

heres the link to the photographic print.  if you scroll down, you will see "available on +46 products".  click on that, and it will show you all the products that painting is on, and you can click on the one you'd like to see.

they have a new, second tote.  this one is cotton!

and here is their spiral bound notebook.

as I browsed my shops I have found I need to do some work to make it a bit more easy to navigate in redbubble, and I need to add my paintings into format for the newest products in society6.  I'm not the best when it comes to this tech stuff, so it might be a slow and frustrating process for me.  but, at least I know that things need to be worked on.  apparently some things change while one is dealing with life-stuff...  how rude!  time to play catch-up.

in the meantime, I look fondly at my new artwork, and know I am surrounded in love and peace.

until later,

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

feels like forever

it's been a while since I've been attempting any artwork.  the holiday crazies were here- that could possibly be referring to my son and grandtwins from California, as well as the gift buying and wrapping that goes with the season.  I was also furiously resting my weakened body, delegating tasks, and letting go of a lot of my own expectations of the holiday.

seeing the grandtwins helped the mood!

I continue to be pretty exhausted and am looking forward to a lyme appointment in a couple of weeks.  hoping to get me back on track with my treatments and my emotional stability.  the feeling of going stagnant and even going backwards is very much present with me, and it's hard to get myself off the couch to do anything.  my sweetie only wants me to be happy (and healthy), and is excited if the only thing constructive I do is art related.

I was thrilled when sweetie gifted me with two classes this year!  I started the year off thinking I wouldn't be able to do the "lets face it" year long course this year.  this course has been a main part of my looking forward to a new week in the past years, and I knew this year would be even harder to look forward to without the weekly classes lovingly brought together by kara bullock < her facebook page.  not only was I signed up for "lets face it 2020" (which has 50 weeks of lessons from 26 artists!), but I was signed up for "fluid figures" (10 classes with 14 hours of invaluable instruction!) with Emma Petitt, a wonderful artist whose flowing style I highly admire.  both these courses have lifetime access with tons of downloadable content and facebook groups for guidance with the artists.

I started doing the first of Emmas 10 classes over the weekend and then crashed.  the first class was sketching in a short time frame of 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, gesso-ing after each loose sketch.   I finished the class up today with a 2 minute painting

I've also decided to fill a small sketchbook with hands, starting with the ASL alphabet.

I even got my stumpy little thumb, hehehe

we're 3 classes in since the beginning of lets face it, and I've only been able to do an attempt at week 2 with Angela Kennedy;

I had to stop before getting to the rest of the details

I was excited to learn to get more detail into the eyes during sketches

I'm very excited to work on the fluid figures class, as I dont think I have it in me to keep painting as tightly as I was with so much detail.  I dont need to get into realism to bring my voice into the world.

slow and steady I guess.  thats about as fast as I go these days!

until later,