Monday, November 28, 2016

class work and a new print up in the shop

hi there.

this is my 100th post!!!

i've been silent here but doing internal work as well as working on my journal from Facing Forward II with the lovely effy wild.

effy seems to have a certain style of art as well as teaching that i really connect with.  she teaches as a friend would.  with a human to human connection.  she keeps it real and shows you the whole process.  she fixes issues on camera, shows you where she has a dilemma and brings you thru her aha moments.  it's like creating with my best friend or sister when i watch her class videos.

facing forward II is an 8 week class called "the things i need to hear".  in it she guides you thru some journalling to get to the meat of the matter, to turn your problems around so that your journal is filled with beautiful words you might hear from a loved one.  i've decided to follow effys' lessons as closely as i can with the materials i have, and then to do each lesson my own way, giving me a larger journal with twice as many wonderful things i need to hear, and twice as many beautiful journal spreads.

 today i finished my take on week number 1, so thought i'd share my journal so far;

my cover

page with space for affirmation cards
and following effys week 1 lesson

words that heal my heart
"it takes energy to heal"

beginning with the journalling for this spread my critic complained that i didn't do enough, that i was 'lazy'.  i countered that horrible voice knowing that i need to rest when my body says to rest.  i need to listen to my body instead of the critic voice.  frida kahlo came to make sure i listened to this spread, and i'm so glad she did.  this is a very layered page, and that hints to not seeing others' pain by what they show.  frida was a very strong woman who suffered greatly and still found it in her to paint.  paint must have been in her blood, because i think i might have wallowed in a ball of goo and pity if i had lived her life.  

i loved this spread so took some good photos before adding the text in order to put her in the shop.  

prints here

and more in the shop!

i'm seriously thinking about adding her with the text "it takes energy to heal" as well, because i think it's a very powerful statement for many with chronic illness.  a lot of us need to let go of guilt when we become sick.  of course, now that i think about it, the way things crop the words wouldn't show on most of the merchandise anyway.  too bad!  gonna have to think...

until later,

Monday, November 7, 2016

new items in the shop

we finally got the last of my september challenge photos off the camera and into the shop, including the final painting.

i present to you, "lady of the lilies, unfolding"

find her print, here

her tote

makes a beautiful throw pillow

and a pretty appropriate shower curtain

more items with this print are in the shop as well

here is "challenge 6"
the print

all over print shirt

and more!

and finally, "challenge 7"

find these and much more in my shop!

until later,