Monday, February 6, 2023

raven painting might be finished; here's it's name and symbolism

 hi all!

i'm now at a stopping point where i might be satisfied with my raven painting, huzzah!  there might be some tinkering here and there, but for the most part i'm happy with what it has to tell me.  

yes, i took the plunge and did the scary thing by getting into more detail with the ravens, and that meant possibly messing them up with some white lines.  and yes, i was freaked out when those lines weren't to my satisfaction, but i muddled through the scary bit by letting the lines dry and then doing a wash of purple and blue over the white, creating more muted linework.  i also worked in other spots to get the look i wanted.

here's some close-up shots of a few of my favorite bits, then one of the painting as a whole- though it's really hard to see the details and such with the poor lighting and the glossy paint.  this one will be difficult to get a quality photo to put in my shop, and it might have to wait until summer for a good day so we can take it outside to photograph properly.

the main raven has 3 chakra points, explained later
here's showing the third eye chakra
this dude still has the "4" on his chest that you can see when the light is right

love the gold texture in this sweeties chest
and the pink in the legs
note the gem- explained later

this area is delicious to me!
including the throat chakra

the crystals all have fun areas
this batch has gold that shines in areas
crystals= healing/healer
this has always been a favorite spot
fun colors and texture
and the painting as a whole;
i present to you
"Ravens Realm"
 jenny gabrenas finished 2/6/23
for the sake of simplicity (cause i'm tired!) here's the notes i took before and during the painting, to get my mind into the project.  i'll interject with some thoughts as i re-read my notes

Raven painting ideas;


3 ravens in different poses, 1 main raven.

Collecting baubles around them, lots of eye pauses

Purple in main raven, yellows, oranges around, sunset, gold/metallic (some gold sheet maybe)

messy textures, collage, scratching paint

The fool tarot card (journey) (decided not to add this detail)

Chakra symbols/colors ( 3rd eye- dark royal blue; throat- turquoise; root- red)

Crystals, necklace, heart (didnt add the heart)

Added later as I painted- Sun rays into raindrops.  (to imply "intuition sharpened by challenges")


 (as i got into the painting, i looked up raven symbolism.  the bolded words imply important imagery and intentions to be added)


Raven symbolism taken from;  and other similar sites


Raven helps us change our perspectives.


Raven’s variety of sizes of feathers as well as iridescent black is symbolic of this bird’s connection to shifting consciousness in many cultures. Raven helps us discover power and wisdom lying in the dark.


Because of their association with communication and psychic abilities, Raven is symbolic of the Third Eye Chakra and spiritual awakenings. This interpretation of Raven’s meaning in your life is easy to understand when you consider the Raven’s iridescent color from black to blue. Considering generic bird symbolism associated with communication, you can also connect Raven to the Throat Chakra. The dark coloring of Raven’s wings and connection between this bird and the Earth can also lead you to attribute Raven’s meaning as symbolic of the Root Chakra, reminding you to ground yourself when facing obstacles.


Let this sage master “call” to the quarters of creation with your intention.


Raven has been called a master of time. Procrastinators out there, get ready.

If Raven wings his way into your awareness you are about to get a lesson in using time wisely. You may be in the right space at the right moment, and Raven encourages that change in movement in your life. (editing jenny here; i had initially wanted to add a pocketwatch in the main ravens beak, but it didnt want to be added there.  might revisit this idea somewhere else)


A Raven totem means that you are often the human version of Mercury, delivering information to others. This may be something mundane like guidance in their protection or something deeply spiritual. Raven people often walk the line between the worlds, acting as a bridge. (bridge to other worlds=walking the ladder to the moon)

Raven totem is often found among healers and those who are charged with the sacred duty of helping others initiate into deeper mysteries. You may be a leader who is responsible for protecting others and facilitating healing and growth during times of darkness.

First, however, you may need to heal yourself and embrace your own higher wisdom. Raven totem can reveal your true power and potential as your intuition is sharpened by challenging circumstances. You may go through a difficult path that leads you to be reborn in a significant way when Raven is your totem.

delve into the realms of the unconscious and reaching for your true Be-ing.

Big things are on the horizon and Raven helps you to prepare. Learning to adapt, speak up for yourself and fight back when you have to are all lessons that are part of Raven symbolism.


Ravens can portend a journey, transformation, the need to change your consciousness or perception, or a symbolic death and rebirth.


Raven can also help you take back what is yours. Known for their tendencies to steal shiny objects, Raven symbolism is also about being attracted to what holds value for you. Don’t be afraid to reclaim what is yours. Often this comes in the form of healing past traumas or healing your Inner Child.  (red gem in ravens mouth=taking back what's mine.  needed at this time)

Raven’s appearance most likely is an omen that something is about to transform your life. Whether positive or negative, total transformation is usually dramatic. And, so, Raven spirit can help guide you safely through the fray.

Remember that Raven consumes the remains of other creatures, giving this bird the additional symbolic value of cleansing. Perhaps there is something old and unhealthy that you may need to purge? Raven is a great helpmate for that. 

Raven is also an excellent teacher, guide, and partner for magical studies and efforts.

Your ability to reverse your associations of death from something to fear to a recognition of a powerful rite of passage completing the circle of life, death and rebirth is also part of Raven’s message. Raven helps us change our perspectives


One thing is for certain, with Raven around your life will not want for mystical adventures and spiritual surprises.


that's the end of the symbolism i found that i needed to include.


Words needed for raven energy;

mystical adventures and new awakening

healer, heal yourself

change perspectives

raven intuition


reclaiming my self

speak up

raven insights

fly free



raven stands up for herself

raven has powerful medicine and painting these beauties was important for me at this time.  i hope you enjoyed reading about my journey into Ravens Realm!
until later,

Friday, February 3, 2023

where the raven canvas stands today

hi all!

my last update had me painting out some of the suns rays as raindrops in gold.  i also painted some of the rays more orange to see if i wanted that change or not.  i then asked sweetie his thoughts on my progress, including the rest of the rays being a bit more orange than yellow.  his thoughts were he liked the rays better more orange, but the gold raindrops to him looked like bombs or comets about to hit the earth.  after he told me what he saw i couldnt unsee it.  thats certainly NOT the image i wanted people to consciously or unconsciously absorb when they see my artwork!  being thankful i asked his thoughts, i set to work to make the raindrops less nefarious looking.  

 i still wanted some gold to be seen in the raindrops, so i worked to create some un-comet-y looking raindrops with gold peeking through.  they are close in tone with the blue sky background, but i like that this painting gives you little visual surprises as you look around the canvas.  the more you look and the closer you are the more you will enjoy this one!

not scary now!

before, with scary "comets";

after, with refreshing raindrops and warm orange rays of sun;

maybe it's now time to stop showing the whole canvas with my updates, and just do close-ups of the little details as i do them...  as a whole it's pretty much the same, the details is where it's at now.  
can you tell i've been stalling painting details to the ravens???  yeah, thats fear, and as soon as this cold snap eases (supposed to be getting down to -10 F tonight, with a windchill of -33) i'll be setting to work on the fear as well as the ravens! 

until later,

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

a few little tweaks to raven painting

hi all!

energy has been very low for me lately, but today i made a little progress.  just tiny changes here and there.  i painted the ladder to the moon, fixed the moon a bit and added the draping beads for the little raven to sit on and surrounding the moon.  i also made a few of the sun rays into raindrop shapes with gold paint.  it all might need another 'go round', but it's in.

it's looking a bit closer to the finished look and feeling i'm envisioning, but still has more to go.  the ravens of course need attention and i have a few small details i want to include before deciding what else needs to happen.  

the other day as i was doing a big painting session, i was listening to a group of ravens chatting away outside.  ravens dont often congregate like that near our home, so it was a thrill for me.  it felt like they knew i was inviting their energy near me and they were glad to accompany me as i painted.

and, i have to tell you... the happy little accidental "4" in the sitting raven really tickles me.  the shape was created many layers ago with washi tape, and just showed up as a 4 with this last layer of black.  according to my Angel Numbers book by doreen virtue, 4 says "Angels are with you.  Call upon them for help, guidance, and feelings of love and security".  i dont know if i will be able to keep the number as i work on that raven, but the message i will keep secure in this painting.

for now, i'm happy i was able to get to the studio today and do some work!

until later,