Tuesday, December 29, 2015

end of the year 2015!

happy christmas to you and yours, from me and my crew!

we recreated a photo of our family taken about 22 years before.  this one is without my son, winter-orion, but includes my grandtwin hearts.

my life has been busy with painting my mini ornaments as gifts and for purchase, shopping for the loved ones and falling ill with a strange tummy and chest bug right before christmas.

a few months ago I signed up for Life Book 2016 with Tam Laporte, and it is coming closer to the day when this year long class starts.  so exciting!  i happened to look up from my life and realized I had joined a couple of free classes that are many days long as well.  i’m very excited to have some sense of schedule to my life, and i’m sure these classes will force me to do daily work just to stay organized and on track with my plans for the year.  but if i am to be honest with you, i am feeling a strange resistance from the free classes.  like they are a chore my mother wants me to do, or some homework.  i am procrastinating watching the classes, and the one class i tried to watch i had a hard time following the speaker before she got into the art portion.  part of my A.D.D., i suppose, and nothing to do with the class!  i know these two classes will not be available to me for much longer, so i must get my shit together and do what i can to stay focused.  i know they will help my life in the long run, as they are more of a journaling your years' goals type class.

in preparation for Life Book, i have been organizing my studio space as much as i can.  finding spots for my new supplies and tools.  one of my sons gave me a heat gun for christmas, so a big yay for less drying time!  my daughter gave me a gift card to michaels, and i loaded up on decorative papers and washi tapes in yummy colors.  i’ve been labeling my storage spaces and trying to find convenient spots for things i think i may go to the most.  the photo below is during my time going thru my ephemera, organizing the old letters and book pages into different drawers and separating tiny pieces from big papers.

 hurricane jenny strikes the studio!

i’m excited to concentrate on my art and business this year and can tell things are getting pretty fluid in my life.  my art is coming along nicely, i'm finding my own style; the blog is plugging away and i know i will be getting more confident in the how-tos’ of blogging; my learning will greatly increase in all areas of my life; my society6 shop will grow and i will get sales from my new heavenspirit creations facebook page which will be another project in the near future; my finances will increase and i will be able to get what i need when i need or want it.  the upcoming year will be one for the books, for sure!

a gift from son #2, i know this book will help me in the coming year!

until later,

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

christmas is in the studio

i can't post many photos, as some are a secret, but i've been creating like a little elf the past week or so.  earlier i picked up some mini canvasses on a whim, and after working on one decided it's a perfect size for gifts or inexpensive artworks that people would love to hang in their rooms or on their trees!

i'm doing some assembly line arting with the backgrounds since we bought quite a few, and then got down to actual sketching of what i thought my people would like.

here are some photos that i am able to share without outing any secrets

my childhood home

itty bitties

after the new year, after the crazies have dispersed somewhat, i will be putting a lot of effort into these tiny treasures!  i have brainstormed subjects i can paint on these guys for the interest of many people.  i have ideas, folks, i have ideas!  

the ones above are not in their finished state, they will have ribbon for hanging.

i am pretty excited about these babies, and i think others will love them as an inexpensive way to get art into their home!

until later,