Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I actually painted!

hey, people!  I do hope you find this in peace and health.  my heart is with the world and all it's people right now.

I've been busy with life stuff; gardening and all the learning involved; canning, and all the learning involved; organizing and purging, and making goals and dreams of how my future is going to look.  and... I've not been painting.

until today!

and I'm thrilled with how she is unfolding to me!

you might recall how she used to look, and the story of her here.

this is her as she looked this morning, waiting for me to help her story unfold;

and her progress;

I wanted to keep her loose and not care about the reference photo or to keep proportions or anything technical like that.  this is play at it's best, and I like the relaxed way I feel when painting without judgement.

I'm not totally finished with her yet.  I'm gonna play with her glasses frames to see how that looks to me.  I had some gold in them that is still showing and I like the glitter.  I also have gold on her earring, so want to bring more in.  but, she's basically there.

updated to show a bit of tending I did the next morning;

"The Adjustment
started as the Virus of 2020 was just beginning, she has come to be a mentor to me.  She tells me to adjust my sails when the wind isn't blowing the direction I wish.  To learn, to grow, and to change my point of view as new things become revealed.  And to hold my rose-colored dreams as sacred and something to always work toward."

stay safe and stay true to you, my sweet friends.

until later,