Monday, March 2, 2020

working again

I wrote this post on February 19th hoping to stay on top of the work, and then went back to couch living for a while.  I'm going through more health related stuff, so going with the flow.

I'm working on my newest painting after going back and forth with reference photos.  I have finally decided on a pose and started my first steps.

Sunday, day 1;

I cropped this pose from a photo on unsplash by Atikh Bana

I then made a quick sketch on the canvas just to get used to the pose and placement

since I want a drippy style and layers behind, I went all over the sketch with some bold color 

I then got back to sketching it back in on Monday; day 2 of working

Tuesday I took a day off so day 3 was Wednesday, and I added just a layer of mixed yellows and white, spraying with water and taking off some here and there with towel to have the purples show up.  now I can work the skin coloring and hair to make sure it looks ok with the background I wanted.

if I have to paint minutes at a time, it will be finished one minute at a time!

I knew this one is to speak about depression and getting back to life and the work I was meant to do in this lifetime.

She adjusted her rose colored glasses and went back to work with the good she creates in this world.  she never lets the bad days build up

and there she sits until I'm back to feeling the motivation and energy.

until later,

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