Monday, October 28, 2019

new products in the stores!

hi there!

we were busy getting the 'lily pond' series up in my society6 and redbubble stores yesterday.  we had a bit of trouble getting the colors correct, but came close, and each has a bit of a different shade, but I adore how they go together like a family.  different but same.  and, I'm pretty excited about some new products available.

first, in my society6 shop
*click on the link under each photo to get to product.  scroll down on page to find other products

"Lily Pond Abstract 1"

"Lily Pond Abstract 2"

"Lily Pond Abstract 3"

"Lily Pond Abstract 4"

"Lily Pond Abstract 5"

now for my redbubble shop
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"Lily Pond Abstract 1"

A-line dress



"Lily Pond Abstract 4"

Spiral Notebook

Water Bottle

I hope you enjoy browsing my stores and explore my other artworks there!  it's going to take a little work to make sure each painting is available on each piece of merchandise, so bare with me while I activate them.

until later,

Thursday, October 24, 2019

easy art journalling with "365 tarot spells"

I bought this book for my birthday and it came yesterday;

this book excites me!  I need a nudge to get my head cleared of all the negativity that has been enveloping me lately and I think working with the book can help me relieve some of it through just getting to know my tarot deck in a more intimate way.  not only does this have spells to work with to help in everyday life (ease of travel spell, sound sleep spell...), but it has what is called "connection rituals", where you hold a meditation and find yourself entering the card to see from it's eyes, so to speak.

what I've decided to do first with this book is to create an art journal page for each card in the deck.  there are 78 cards, so this will be a long-term project and I'm not going to hold myself to create each day but take it slow.  I have the perfect journal for this, that was once a tried-and-failed attempt at a hand written Book of Shadows.

it's a pretty, purple, leather-bound with many signatures

I chose the first spread to be for THE SUN, but for each of my other spreads I'll be shuffling the deck to see what energies I'll be working with that day.

letting the image rest while I journal about the card

finishing up the art with some gold for added energies

I found a good reference site called to learn about tarot, and used it for journalling about the Sun card.  it may be my go-to for each card, I'm not sure yet.  click here to learn what they say about the Sun.

I was rather impressed that I intuitively picked the Sun card to be the first card in the journal.  reading up on it, it has everything I need right now; with going into such a big project, with not knowing where my health is going, with going into a known depressive time of year.  this card lets me know that I have what it takes to get through all my struggles and to shine my radiance into the world like only I can.  in another book I have, "your guide to the tarot" (in this tarot kit),  Janet Berres calls the Sun card "the best card of the deck!

my goal is to just explore things in this journal.  not going for works of art, but to enjoy myself, to experiment with what materials I have and to show what each card means to me in a quick, easy way.  the front portion of this beautiful leather-bound book will be for artwork, and later signatures of the book will hold journalling of tarot spreads and spells I've done.

updated with some added dots for more motion

this should be a great project for the upcoming hibernation months!

until later,

Monday, October 14, 2019

new raven minis... maybe

I started a new series of minis with my beloved raven/crow totem as a subject on October 13th.  I just realized it's a full moon tonight, too, so even more magic is in these!

it all started with a background of gesso and pencil to add color and texture to the overall piece, as well as just a loosening up activity.

then I added my paint in short, choppy strokes

 all together

a close up

after fiddling with the backgrounds a bit I decided we would scan them to make some fun pillows and totes in my shops.  upon further inspection I was re-thinking painting crows on them, as I just really liked the Monet lily pond vibe they were giving when turned a certain way;

I think when I'm done with the backgrounds I'll be uploading them to my online stores to be used for merchandise.  I think they would look well as dresses and such!

as I sat with these backgrounds I became thoughtful of how much beauty was in them as-is, and had a bit of a frustration over painting over such beauty.  so I posted on my personal facebook page to see what my peeps thought.  they seemed to be 50/50 about it.  some told me that maybe I should pick a few I enjoyed more and paint crow/raven energy over the rest, others really appreciated the delicate Monet feel of them.  in the end I decided to let nature take its course with them.  to set them up for sale as-is with the statement that they may be getting painted over at some point, so if they saw something they liked they better hurry and get them, cause they may change soon!

so, here they are~ my non corvid painted paintings!

 Lily Pond Abstract 1



 Lily Pond Abstract 3



 Lily Pond Abstract 2



 Lily Pond Abstract 5



Lily Pond Abstract 4



they will not be varnished until such time as they are sold so as to not interfere with painting corvid energy at a later date.

until later,

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

an update

hi guys!

I've had some pretty miserable moments lately, and some better ones as well.  the other day I did an oracle card reading for myself and was happy with the results that stated that the illness I'm dealing with was a way to get back to my spirituality and to change the way I saw myself.  doing more self care and standing up for myself these days.  I felt empowered by the reading, and in that feeling I vowed to challenge myself to do a little bit of 'art-stuff' each day in October.  (and then the very next day I was full of rage against the world... you get used to the emotional and physical roller coaster ride that is Lyme disease after a while)

 a not-so-good moment

a better moment

I recently took new photos of the mini Spirit Animal paintings I have available for sale and put them up in my art facebook page.  I'll have to put them here as well.  I think they show the paintings better now, and I've gotten a sale from it.  here are a few:

 "Be Yourself"


 "Heart of the Fox"

 "Sure Footed"

 "The Treasure"

"The Wary One"

the album in my facebook art page is HERE, and I'll also try to get them up in my for sale page shortly.

I'm still watching my classes in Let's Face It, and learning while watching even if I'm not up to doing any class work.  although, I've downloaded all the classes to date, I have a bunch of weeks worth of videos and lesson plans cluttering my desktop that need to go into their own folders.  what would be an easy thing to do while downloading has now become a chore.

yesterday I had an appointment with my lyme doctor.  I let her know how frustrated I am; the crazy but controlled anger; the 'out of my body' moments where everything is pretty much... oh well.  I tell you, this is a ride.   we decided on adding another treatment to the regime.  I'm to give myself a little shot twice a week for a month and then see how I'm doing.  this is a peptide treatment, which is supposed to support the immune system.  I'm also on something for the unrelenting nausea.  all in all, though she's pretty happy with how well I'm doing.  my pain level is down, which is huge.  I have had some 'good' days, which is huge.  I was able to help move a table when sweetie and son #4 helped my mother move houses, which is huge.  my doc tells me that being up to a full dose at this point of my treatment is huge.  so, I'm doing good work, it's just overwhelming if you do research on it and are living it.  I do hope this peptide treatment will get me 'over the hump' and let me feel that I'm doing better.  I'm strong and I will fight this to the end!  remission here I come!

I woke up today with an email from society6 that I was paid for a purchase made in august, so that was a lovely surprise!  I went to my page there to check out what was bought, and was amazed that there were 8 more in 'pending' mode!  I was doing an internal Snoopy dance, thats for sure!  hooray for collectors buying from the little businesses for the holidays or for themselves!  I checked my redbubble page, too, just to make sure nothing got by, and I updated my database to show earnings from both shops that I have neglected to update.

and then I decided I had a bit of energy to piddle in the studio for a bit;

just a little art journal page in its beginning stages, but it made me happy to get my fingers messy again!

and I'm done.  wiped out again, but I may have the spoons later on to finish watching this weeks class.  and I'll continue pushing myself to do a little something art-y each day this month.

until later,