Thursday, August 27, 2020

working in my shops, cool items

hi all!

this week I've been working at getting my paintings - at this count 191!-  available on each item it can physically go into.  it's been a struggle to do some of them, and others have come out really cool!

but, then, trying to find them again in the shop has been difficult.  unfortunately I've found that society6 is not very user friendly and only shows people 5 pages of paintings when I have so much more.  unfair and discouraging when I cant find my own artwork in my own shop, knowing I had uploaded them!

I am in love with a few of the items I worked on over these few days, so wanted a place to share and to keep them close to me, so I can remember them when it's time for me to buy some of my own stuff for personal use.  and you get to be witness to the awesomeness in case you decide they are just too cool to pass up!  

first one that comes to mind is this cool fanny pack.  I know, I know, fanny packs are so '80's, but I swear, THIS one is brilliant and makes me smile!  we need more of that!

if you remember my girl that this bit came from;

these fanny packs only take a clip from your artwork, and it was originally getting a bit of the girls face.  I wondered if I could make it better, so went in and resized and moved it to make the lovely word on her shirt fit perfectly in the space provided.

the LOVE part is also on a couple of stools in my shop

I adore this affirmation, and it's amazing on this sun shade!  a bit on the pricy side, but I'm in a dreaming mood and when it comes to my art, I want to dream big!

that affirmation fit on almost every item, from greeting cards to curtains.  and what it didn't fit, I chose a different spot in the art (like "YOU" is on a stool, and "BEAUTIFUL" is on a mug).

and heres another happy affirmation from the series that I edited to fit.  the phrase was "I allow myself to be happy", and it fit beautifully on the pillow below as...

the texture in this next one is amazing!  it was a mini painting of mine, and when blown up to gigantic shower curtain size... well, I just drooled over this one when I was working on it this week!

this butterfly went on just about everything without thought to placement, it looked just that good!  (yes, even the fanny pack)

unfortunately as I'm going through my store to find the items I was attracted to most for this post, I got distracted by another clean-up task that would make browsing my store easier for everyone.  I think my next painting should be a SQURREL!

if you go to my shop, you'll notice a button called collections, like below;

I'm in the process of gathering like items together in their own collections.  all animals together in one collection, but then all the bees have their own spot; all the elephants together if you're just looking for elephants; all the affirmations together.  hopefully this will solve the issue with finding my artwork in the shop.

anyway, time to stop dreaming of a wishlist of my own paintings and get back to my not as much fun to-do list!

until later,


Sunday, August 23, 2020

so much new merchandise up in the stores

 hi there!  hope todays a good day in your part of the world.  today has been busy in the garden and canning what came from the garden, and now with uploading my three newest paintings into my society6 and redbubble online shops.  what a busy one it's been so far!

here we have the weary lightworker on society6 as an art print;

and makes a great card

click the link above and then scroll down the page to find many more products for this painting!

and we now go to the same painting on my redbubble site;
heres the link to the art print if you scroll down, you will see "available on +69 products".  click on that, and it will show you all the products that painting is on, and you can click on the one you'd like to see.

they now have aprons which I now need to activate on all my other paintings!
but, how cool are they?!

and she is stunning on a mug!
imagine drinking coffee or tea as you contemplate the day with her

on to The Adjustment as an art print on society6;

I think she's really cool as a beach towel!

click the link above and then scroll down the page to find many more products for this painting!

and the same painting in redbubble
heres the link to the art print.  if you scroll down, you will see "available on +51 products".  click on that, and it will show you all the products that painting is on, and you can click on the one you'd like to see.

I love the look on all the clothes!

they have pins now, which, again, I must activate for my other paintings

and for the last of my newest paintings I have Sacred Teacher of the Land as an art print on society6

I had to paint her so it was difficult to place on merchandise.
oh well, I paint as I am called to, not thinking how they will look on a greeting card!

it makes a pretty pillow

and the notebooks are cool;



click the link above and then scroll down the page to find many more products for this painting!

and on to my redbubble site for Sacred Teacher of the Land
heres the art print link.  if you scroll down, you will see "available on +64 products".  click on that, and it will show you all the products that painting is on, and you can click on the one you'd like to see.

the iPhone wallet came out great!

and the backpack is kinda funky

I could go on and on about how beautiful these new paintings are on all the cool new merchendice they have up on the sites, but it's getting long enough.  time to just hit publish and let you browse to your hearts content.  may you find some peace in my paintings in these trying times.

until later,

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sacred Teacher, a new painting

 I've been on a painting streak lately, which is a wild cry from where I was even a month ago.  I'm happy to be back at the easel again.  grateful the muse has returned!

for this one I morphed 2 photos together from unsplash, my favorite place to get royalty free photographs from talented artists wanderings, and some lovely models.  I knew I wanted to work with deer energy, not remembering what said energies were at the beginning, but I was drawn to the deer.  I found an image of a young woman holding her drum to her chest, and felt the two images would do nicely together.

first i sketched and lay down color, then I collaged some papers I had played with some time ago.  I wanted a ball of energy coming from the top of the woman head, so knew where that paper was going immediately.  I wanted some texture to this one

then I added some energetic brush strokes

to tone down the color I dripped some red iron oxide down the painting

then I added leaves to create an environment to the scene, to complement the leaves in her hair, and to frame the composition a bit

I then wanted the woman and deer to stand out, so added a blue energy around them both and worked on their details.  I added green to the leaves

getting closer to finished, and tending the details now.  I added more to the leaf areas, and small details that dont add much until you really look closely.  it does my heart good to tend to my creations, as long as I dont become too fussy with it all.

I added some gold dots around the drum, and on the tips of the leaves

and I added a water element at the bottom, to continue the framing of the piece with color and texture.  I also scratched some meaningful words into the water.

"Sacred Teacher of the Land"
Jenny Gabrenas, 2020
trust your instincts as you gain knowledge, child.  you are striving to become wiser by leaps and bounds.  as you do, know you can trust the urgings you feel.  be mindful of others' truths.  do not let ego run them over.  no truth is more real than another, for we are one.  listen to every truth, combine them into one, and there will be your path to peace.

a few of my favorite places to look at in this one;

her sweet face

"trust in the flow of living"

I'm thinking this piece may be finished, but will be with her for a few days before adding it to the store with my last painting this weekend.  

update, I added some more flora to the background of the piece and darkened the deer

until later,


Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Weary Lightworker, a new painting

I've been in a creative mood lately it seems, which fits me fine!  a bit of dabbling in paint after a bit of dabbling in the garden has been very soothing lately.  my soul needs a break from all the heavy stuff, and this painting is a reflection of that.

per usual, I started with a pose I liked via and used it for body position and shadow reference.  I was also inspired by a class by Lucy Cooke in Lets Face It 2020 where she created a "Modern Matisse".  I knew I wanted to try my hand at a bit more pattern, more background to my painting, but I wanted it also in a style more my own.

this was the pose I was drawn to for this class.

(forgive the placement issue, blogger has changed the format and I'm not used to it yet.  not sure it will do everything I wish it to)

I sketched out the pose;

added some bold color;

then I found a painting by Matisse that felt good to me and found some colors

then to start painting!

and at this point, and for the rest of the painting I wondered "what have I done!?"

The Weary Lightworker 
8/6/2020 Jenny gabrenas
her crown is askew as she takes a rest. she reflects on how to continue her work, as she loves this world so deeply.

I fiddled way too much with the feet/legs that aren't even close to the center of attention.  everything else seemed ok, but those non-important (and off the canvas of the original photo) feet really threw me for a loop.  I finally am to the point of aquiescense with the appendages, and might be finished with the effort of fiddling with such unimportant details.   the problem is they are all I see right now.  

so, I now turn my attention to the things I like about this painting;

I adore the message.  she is me.  I love the world and it's inhabitants.  I wish to help spread the light to all souls in order to help rise above the chaos, but I am so very weary.  I will take my time to rest when I am overwhelmed by things, adjust my crown and get back to it.  

I love her sweet little face and her crooked crown, symbolizing my humanness.  my faults that are present because I am here on earth and have forgotten what my spirit knows.

I love the textures in the background and the pink peeking through.  I love the white and pink chair.  I love the folds in her clothes.  I love her hair.

so, there are many aspects of this work that I really can appreciate, so I will keep my focus on those.  and, thats exactly how I can keep my calm during my difficult times.  I will focus on the good.  what do I like?  what is good here, now?  where is the pretty color, where is my joy?

I hope this painting gives you some joy, something to focus on, something that can inspire you to rest, take a breath and adjust your own crown.

until later,