Thursday, August 27, 2020

working in my shops, cool items

hi all!

this week I've been working at getting my paintings - at this count 191!-  available on each item it can physically go into.  it's been a struggle to do some of them, and others have come out really cool!

but, then, trying to find them again in the shop has been difficult.  unfortunately I've found that society6 is not very user friendly and only shows people 5 pages of paintings when I have so much more.  unfair and discouraging when I cant find my own artwork in my own shop, knowing I had uploaded them!

I am in love with a few of the items I worked on over these few days, so wanted a place to share and to keep them close to me, so I can remember them when it's time for me to buy some of my own stuff for personal use.  and you get to be witness to the awesomeness in case you decide they are just too cool to pass up!  

first one that comes to mind is this cool fanny pack.  I know, I know, fanny packs are so '80's, but I swear, THIS one is brilliant and makes me smile!  we need more of that!

if you remember my girl that this bit came from;

these fanny packs only take a clip from your artwork, and it was originally getting a bit of the girls face.  I wondered if I could make it better, so went in and resized and moved it to make the lovely word on her shirt fit perfectly in the space provided.

the LOVE part is also on a couple of stools in my shop

I adore this affirmation, and it's amazing on this sun shade!  a bit on the pricy side, but I'm in a dreaming mood and when it comes to my art, I want to dream big!

that affirmation fit on almost every item, from greeting cards to curtains.  and what it didn't fit, I chose a different spot in the art (like "YOU" is on a stool, and "BEAUTIFUL" is on a mug).

and heres another happy affirmation from the series that I edited to fit.  the phrase was "I allow myself to be happy", and it fit beautifully on the pillow below as...

the texture in this next one is amazing!  it was a mini painting of mine, and when blown up to gigantic shower curtain size... well, I just drooled over this one when I was working on it this week!

this butterfly went on just about everything without thought to placement, it looked just that good!  (yes, even the fanny pack)

unfortunately as I'm going through my store to find the items I was attracted to most for this post, I got distracted by another clean-up task that would make browsing my store easier for everyone.  I think my next painting should be a SQURREL!

if you go to my shop, you'll notice a button called collections, like below;

I'm in the process of gathering like items together in their own collections.  all animals together in one collection, but then all the bees have their own spot; all the elephants together if you're just looking for elephants; all the affirmations together.  hopefully this will solve the issue with finding my artwork in the shop.

anyway, time to stop dreaming of a wishlist of my own paintings and get back to my not as much fun to-do list!

until later,



  1. I love what you did with the fannypack. So creative! The store is looking great.

    1. thanks so much, Nancy! it's such a fun. fanny pack design. so glad it came out the way I envisioned it!