Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sacred Teacher, a new painting

 I've been on a painting streak lately, which is a wild cry from where I was even a month ago.  I'm happy to be back at the easel again.  grateful the muse has returned!

for this one I morphed 2 photos together from unsplash, my favorite place to get royalty free photographs from talented artists wanderings, and some lovely models.  I knew I wanted to work with deer energy, not remembering what said energies were at the beginning, but I was drawn to the deer.  I found an image of a young woman holding her drum to her chest, and felt the two images would do nicely together.

first i sketched and lay down color, then I collaged some papers I had played with some time ago.  I wanted a ball of energy coming from the top of the woman head, so knew where that paper was going immediately.  I wanted some texture to this one

then I added some energetic brush strokes

to tone down the color I dripped some red iron oxide down the painting

then I added leaves to create an environment to the scene, to complement the leaves in her hair, and to frame the composition a bit

I then wanted the woman and deer to stand out, so added a blue energy around them both and worked on their details.  I added green to the leaves

getting closer to finished, and tending the details now.  I added more to the leaf areas, and small details that dont add much until you really look closely.  it does my heart good to tend to my creations, as long as I dont become too fussy with it all.

I added some gold dots around the drum, and on the tips of the leaves

and I added a water element at the bottom, to continue the framing of the piece with color and texture.  I also scratched some meaningful words into the water.

"Sacred Teacher of the Land"
Jenny Gabrenas, 2020
trust your instincts as you gain knowledge, child.  you are striving to become wiser by leaps and bounds.  as you do, know you can trust the urgings you feel.  be mindful of others' truths.  do not let ego run them over.  no truth is more real than another, for we are one.  listen to every truth, combine them into one, and there will be your path to peace.

a few of my favorite places to look at in this one;

her sweet face

"trust in the flow of living"

I'm thinking this piece may be finished, but will be with her for a few days before adding it to the store with my last painting this weekend.  

update, I added some more flora to the background of the piece and darkened the deer

until later,



  1. I like how you explained it all. Interesting. Good job!

  2. Beautiful painting. Your blog post is very poetic, I really enjoyed it.

    1. thanks for posting, Nancy. I appreciate the words!