Saturday, April 20, 2019

new in the online shops

we put up the 3 bouquet paintings and a unicorn online today.  I love the colors I used on each!  I'm going to make it a quick post with the photos this week.

society6 first, just art prints;
*click title link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

"Spring Bouquet 1"

These flowers will spread joy daily and never need watering. Made with collaged paper, then painted over in a drippy, loose interpretive way, to create a carefree focal point for any room.

"Spring Bouquet 2"

A fresh spring palette of colors awaits you each morning with this abstract artwork. I began with a collage of papers, to which I imagined the bouquet into being with heavy palette knife work and dripping inks.

Imagine this sight as you sip your coffee. A soothing bouquet of spring colors to bring joy into your day. Made with collaged papers over which I used a palette knife to create a loose, textured piece. I then added drippy inks in my signature style.

Made with an under collage of sheet music for the song “This Is Me”, Unicorn magic is strong here! Do not be tamed, stand firm and be your own person, no matter what the world expects of you. With your strength anything is possible

now for redbubble;

"Spring Bouquet 1"

as a mug

as a spiral bound notebook

as a contrast tee

as a floor pillow

as always, enjoy browsing all the beautiful, well made items with my art on them!

until later,

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

working with bouquets

it's been a slow week.  I've given myself the space to go inward with all of the feelings and be ok with the quietness.  its been a week of doubt, depression and health concerns and research.  it was strange to not go to Bates Crafters Gallery to bring any new paintings.  I was able to get back to dabbling with a gift painting over the weekend and that helped the blues a little.

I've been slowly working on a cute little threesome of bouquets that I started months ago with a collage of colorful papers

I'm liking them.  they are colorful and drippy and loose.  they will be a shock to people browsing at Bates to see something other than animals coming from my little shelf, but it's good to branch out a little here and there.  these won't have my usual descriptions added, as these are just generic paintings, no message other than joy.

until later,

Monday, April 1, 2019

this weeks work

I did some finishing touches to the two rabbit paintings I hadn't finished last week.  the last touches really bring a painting to life!

this is the only photo I took during their early progression.
bad blogger!

 a bit into the process.
I then worked more on eye,
 darkened foot, darkened the ears...

 you can see a little eye difference here with this and next photos

see...corner of eye is highlighted.
these are the tiny details that make it all come to life!

"Sure Footed"
acrylic, india inks, charcoal and collage on canvas
People who connect to rabbit are clever & creative but may be working to control anxiety.  They are ready to run from potential harm but can relax in their safe burrow.  Use rabbit’s energy to know you can release your fears; you can protect yourself.

earlier in the process

worked on eye, darkened some fur in areas
with yellow for sunlight

"The Pause"
acrylic, india inks, charcoal and collage on canvas
Rabbits are clever as they can hide in plain view by staying still. They tell us to think outside the box. If Bunny is calling he may be saying it’s time to stir up the creativity. Don’t let your ideas sit idle for long; be willing to do the unexpected.

these canvasses will be at Bates Crafters Gallery this week, or you can email me if you live outside of driving distance and we'll work out shipping.

I also started another owl;

I'm hoping with the collage elements I put on his head that I can be a little more free and create a more whimsical painting.

until later,

giraffe and bun-bun are online!

good Monday morning!  this weekend was pretty rough for me, but I was able to keep my eyes open long enough to help sweetie get my two newest paintings up in the online shops.  I'll keep it short and sweet, as I'm still not well and need to reserve my energy on the next two bunny paintings details.

I'll do redbubble first
*click on the title of each painting that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!

"Journey At Dawn"

Giraffe is letting you know that you already know the way; to let your foresight take the lead. Follow the direction of your heart. If things feel ‘right’, then it must be so, but if it feels wrong be sure to look inward to make sure it’s not just a fear of change creating the feeling. It is not enough to look forward, you must also move in that direction.

shown on a woman's tee shirt

shown on a spiral bound journal

Rabbit is associated with luck, fertility and abundance. Know that your ideas are prolific and will come to fruition as you act on them. Keep an ear open for opportunities. Do the work and save your riches to make it thru the long, cold months.

shown as an art print

shown as a throw pillow

now for society6
*click title link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

 shown as a phone skin

shown as a serving tray

 shown on a bar stool

shown as a springtime card

enjoy browsing the huge selection of products for all of my paintings!

until later,