Tuesday, April 16, 2019

working with bouquets

it's been a slow week.  I've given myself the space to go inward with all of the feelings and be ok with the quietness.  its been a week of doubt, depression and health concerns and research.  it was strange to not go to Bates Crafters Gallery to bring any new paintings.  I was able to get back to dabbling with a gift painting over the weekend and that helped the blues a little.

I've been slowly working on a cute little threesome of bouquets that I started months ago with a collage of colorful papers

I'm liking them.  they are colorful and drippy and loose.  they will be a shock to people browsing at Bates to see something other than animals coming from my little shelf, but it's good to branch out a little here and there.  these won't have my usual descriptions added, as these are just generic paintings, no message other than joy.

until later,

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