Sunday, February 14, 2021

"Crowning Herself" is in society6 shop

 hi there!  and happy valentines day to you!  sweetie was able to get my newest in my society6 shop today.  so a happy valentines day to me as well.  I sure do love seeing all my hard work up on so many products!

Crowning Herself, she let go of the darkness of her past.  The guilt, the shame, the sadness of it all.  She let it all go and, walking through the mind chatter, entered her Kingdom of Light

here is the painting as a framed art print

as greeting cards

and a tote

this artwork is currently on 63 products here in my society6 shop, all at various price points.  enjoy browsing this and many other paintings I have in the shop!

until later,


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

"Crowning Herself", close to completion

She has Gone. Through. It. and this is her story of triumph!  

Crowning Herself is a tribute to the struggles in life that beat her to her core.  she must decide to fight her way to the top, or lose the battle.  she has fought her demons for so long, and continues to on a daily basis, but knows the fight is worth it in the end.  she is weary as she dons her crown, but knows she is worthy of it, as well as her kingdom, at the end of her climb.

Crowning herself, 

she let go of the darkness of her past. 

The guilt, the shame, the sadness of it all. 

She let it all go and, 

walking through the mind-chatter, 

entered her Kingdom of Light


this painting has lots of gold!

the coming together of my paintings always astounds me.  my muse is strong with her urgings, and the symbolism she tells me to include always rings true.  I try really hard to let each painting come naturally, to not force anything.  if the muse brings something up, I must respect that.  if I get an urge to paint in a specific color, I do it, though I might need to find a way to make it work (like the color of the ladder mixing with the hair... each needed to be seen, so I found a way).  the eyes being so emotive of pain would not have been my choice, but she wanted to speak of it, so I let it be.  

this painting includes mushrooms, which I only found a few references to for symbolism, but they pertain to enlightenment, Kundalini and the Crown Chakra, which I found entertaining, to put it mildly, since the crown is the subject matter of this painting.  I then looked up the actual meaning of Kundalini (the site explains it wonderfully), as I know the term but I'm not knowledgable enough to explain it.  they also speak of snake symbolism with kundalini, and thats interesting because her hair is coiled and snake-like!  the website states "kundalini awakening offers a profound opportunity for those called to follow a spiritual path", and I have a stairway/path, leading to a castle.  it also speaks of an opening of heart, and I have an open heart by her throat chakra.

the only thing I added due to my research after the fact was the white stone in the crown to symbolize the Crown Chakra.  other than that, all the symbolism came to me from the muse as I sketched and worked on this painting.

she still has a few finishing touches to go, but I'm excited to see her up in my shops.  I will be posting to show you all the goodies as soon as that task is complete.


here she is, in all her glory and in my society6 shop as a framed print

until later,


Monday, February 8, 2021

the struggle is real

I have been whining at my muse over the weekend, wondering why she hasn't painted this painting yet.  I've struggled and erased and struggled some more, finding more inspiration here and there for other elements to add, but she hasn't let up with the difficulty of this painting, and hasn't just painted the thing, already.  this one is WORK with a capitol W!

I like the sketch on paper better

decided to not give her body the difficult twist
and just continue with the difficult hands,
 and arms and face, and...

I'm very glad that paint can cover a multitude of 'sins'.  but paint covers the 'good stuff' and can create it's own 'sins' as well.  

and here I am today starting to block in some initial color

and I'm starting to like the path it's taking

it will get there!  I just have to keep at it.

until later,

Friday, February 5, 2021

new painting in first stages

 I have a thought.  my sweet muse is in there, tickling my temples, itching her way free of the confines of the critic that keeps her trapped.  I have the skills to make this painting happen; to set my muse free in order to heed the call of instilling her creative passions in me.  the critic (the inner script) is trying to 'keep me safe', but I know the truth; the script is trying to hold me down.  that voice has never been my friend, has never really had my best interests at heart, just wanted to control, to belittle, to smash my dreams for the critics' funsies.


I have a thought!

I have a specific title already at hand before any work has happened.  a series of words that came to me in an email and I liked the ring of them strung together.  I then set to find the reference photo I thought I had already in my unsplash account.  the photo was there but incomplete in the information I want to show.  so I had a task ahead of me and ended up with 4 photos to work from.

by Dave Goudreau

by Francesca Zama

by Jared Subia

by Bach Tran

these photos have most of the body information I want to share, and then I have other elements I will stick here and there as I see fit.

I'm not going for any sort of realism in my work, just the gesture and emotion.  I'm going for feeling.  and the muse has my back.

after a while sketching out the elements I have the rough draft of my ideas so far

this pose was harder than anticipated

waiting for daylight 
to start the real work 
of painting her into being

until later,