Monday, February 8, 2021

the struggle is real

I have been whining at my muse over the weekend, wondering why she hasn't painted this painting yet.  I've struggled and erased and struggled some more, finding more inspiration here and there for other elements to add, but she hasn't let up with the difficulty of this painting, and hasn't just painted the thing, already.  this one is WORK with a capitol W!

I like the sketch on paper better

decided to not give her body the difficult twist
and just continue with the difficult hands,
 and arms and face, and...

I'm very glad that paint can cover a multitude of 'sins'.  but paint covers the 'good stuff' and can create it's own 'sins' as well.  

and here I am today starting to block in some initial color

and I'm starting to like the path it's taking

it will get there!  I just have to keep at it.

until later,

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