Friday, February 5, 2021

new painting in first stages

 I have a thought.  my sweet muse is in there, tickling my temples, itching her way free of the confines of the critic that keeps her trapped.  I have the skills to make this painting happen; to set my muse free in order to heed the call of instilling her creative passions in me.  the critic (the inner script) is trying to 'keep me safe', but I know the truth; the script is trying to hold me down.  that voice has never been my friend, has never really had my best interests at heart, just wanted to control, to belittle, to smash my dreams for the critics' funsies.


I have a thought!

I have a specific title already at hand before any work has happened.  a series of words that came to me in an email and I liked the ring of them strung together.  I then set to find the reference photo I thought I had already in my unsplash account.  the photo was there but incomplete in the information I want to show.  so I had a task ahead of me and ended up with 4 photos to work from.

by Dave Goudreau

by Francesca Zama

by Jared Subia

by Bach Tran

these photos have most of the body information I want to share, and then I have other elements I will stick here and there as I see fit.

I'm not going for any sort of realism in my work, just the gesture and emotion.  I'm going for feeling.  and the muse has my back.

after a while sketching out the elements I have the rough draft of my ideas so far

this pose was harder than anticipated

waiting for daylight 
to start the real work 
of painting her into being

until later,


  1. I am still checking in with your postings. Just not doing well to make any comments. But I enjoy your updates.

    1. thank you for reading, sandy. my heart is with you, and I'm praying for you

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