Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sower of Seeds is in the house!

 my sweet man battled to scan this painting for me this morning and put it up in my society6 shop.  the other shop will have to wait, but we wanted to get her into the public asap!

here's her print

the text hidden in the layers of paint reads;

I plant seeds 
of love and service
to the earth.
I share with others 
my bounty,
and this bounty 
ripples outward
help nourish
countless others

here she is on a rug

the mug is beautiful

you can spread the beauty around your home with coasters

or share a card with your friends

you can let her guard your thoughts in a notebook

these are a handful of the 51 products available with this artwork.  I have close to 200 paintings uploaded there, so take your time and enjoy browsing the shop.  you deserve the rest!

until later

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