Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"a sower of seeds" canvas finished

 my canvas from yesterday needed some tending this morning through journalling and mark making, so out the supplies came again.

here she is in all her glory

the journalling beneath the 'seedlings' I added says;

I plant seeds 
of love and service
to the earth.
I share with others 
my bounty,
and this bounty 
ripples outward
help nourish
countless others

and some close-ups

she has a seedling on her third eye

in the horizon, on the mountain, you can see the stairway is leading us from the seedling in her hand to love.

this is an important painting, and I'm glad it chose to come through my hand.  I enjoyed the process of pouring love onto the canvas, and I hope it gives you as great a feeling as it does me.  

until later, 


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