Monday, January 18, 2021

a happy beginning


after a very lengthy absence from most activity of painterly creations, today the muse told me she was about to give me the heave-ho if I didn't create something, anything.  since my brain has been mooning about springtime and getting back to the garden, I felt I had a perfect subject matter, and found some reference photos to help me on my way to this new painting.

I set up my little painting area in the main house again, due to the studio being a disaster as well as too chilly for my delicate nature, and set to work.

she is still a work in progress, but I felt the need to share my joy of creating a new piece again.

this piece shows my gratitude and amazement of the ability of each little seed to grow such abundance.  it represents growth and learning, sowing seeds of all kinds, and flourishing where you are planted.  

more to come on this one!

update; I believe she has said all she wishes to.

"she is a sower of seeds"

until later,


  1. Seeing your blogs reminds me that I need to get back to mine. But lots of secrets may come out. But it doesn't really matter because my son and his wife will never see it. I enjoy your paintings. Wish I could start painting again, but right now they would be dark and evil.

    1. so sorry to hear you're struggling, sandy. sending you love.