Friday, September 25, 2020

another in the 'happy place' series

I've decided to do another of my 'happy place' girls right away, since the first one helped get me out of my own headspace while painting her.  this girl is meditating on affirmations to get her through her 'stuff'.  I think a lot of us need minute-to-minute thinking these days, just to get by, and affirmations can help that process.

heres how she stands, unless I give her some last minute tending;

and heres how she got to that place

some color to start
I liked how the drips fell, and wanted to highlight them, so
turned the canvas

sketching in the pose

I had a couple of reference photos for this one

this sign is where I got my initial inspiration for the series
and I liked the cross legged pose

I liked the tilt of her head while looking at the viewer
and hoped to capture her slight smile

this is when I decided affirmations were in play here
and I liked the rainbow on her calf

getting color into her face, clothes and hair

getting the background ready for the affirmations

here she is again

I like her sweet face

"Affirmations as a Happy Place"
sending little love letters to the universe tells it where you want to go and is a great way to calm the mind.  it also reminds the energies around us what you wish to have happen.  saying "I am calm" is better than saying "I will not be anxious", because your brain gets confused with the "be anxious" part of the latter sentence.   be careful with the words you speak to yourself; the energies are there to meet you.

here is a good article about creating affirmations for yourself and why they are helpful.

sending you so much love!

until later,

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