Wednesday, September 23, 2020

happy place

 well.  to be honest, I love this piece!  I love her beginning, middle and end of her.  I love the message most of all.  "find your happy place".  but, I dont think that I'm happy with having her in just one happy place, so I think this might have to be a 'happy place' series!  I'm happy at my easel, I'm happy reading, or having tea...  yeah, this may be a loose and free series of wonky but trying-to-be-happy girls!

I had 3 photo references I went by, creating a very loose pose.

basic pose

her cheeky smile

her hair

and heres her history on the canvas;

lots of happy color

the sketch

initial background color

needed more color, this time green-gold
and made pool tiles

back to blue background, water, and the words
working on skin tones

then worked on her playful face

here she is again

and some happy close-ups

she's smiling, but theres a questioning in her eyes

splashing of paint in the water,
I added words here and there.  "sing" on her knee, "splash" on a tile,
 "joyful", and "breathe" in other spots

color and texture make me happy!
look in the pink; you find the word "joy(ful)"hidden there!

the colorful drip down her throat made me happy and
reminded me of her windpipe, so added "breathe" to her chest

I think we all need the reminder to be in our own happy place in the world.  when times get tough, breathe it out, close your eyes and imagine your best place.  if only for a minute.

until later,


  1. all your paintings are so interesting....

    1. thank you so much sandy! they pretty much create themselves and I find the symbolism and meaning to them as we go along. it's pretty much therapy for me