Tuesday, January 11, 2022

big ideas in 2022

hi all.  yep, it's been a minute since i've posted.  honestly, i've been on a painting hiatus, concentrating on my spiritual health, trying to educate myself and to delve into lifes' mysteries.  i'm a libra, so i look into things from all sides, and oh, there are so many sides to the mystery of life and the earth we live on!  the muds run deep, lol.

but, i'm back!  i spent some time with my tarot deck the other day, and it gave me some great insight to some places where i might stumble in the coming year.  since then i had an idea that will bring some forward motion to a dream sweetie and i have.  forward motion made by me, instead of all from him, so this gives me an added push for my idea to work;  i need to be of financial assistance with making the dream happen.

our dream is a big one, with a big, ongoing income stream needed, and my artwork hasnt been forthcoming with the flow.  i get awesome drips here and there, but it's time to come up with a product that will give more of a flow wherever it's seen.   that means affordable to the masses and with a feeling that people will want in their homes.

i think i found it!

it feels good!

i have a stack of these wooden slice ornaments that i've used to affix prints of personal photos as gifts, but i'm about to experiment with affixing prints of my paintings.  i think my paintings would look great as minis hanging in various unexpected spots in a home!  i can imagine them in windows, hanging on lamp switches and drawer pulls.  i've also made some photo ones with magnets behind the wood slices and can imagine my art on fridges all around the world.  that thought makes me smile!

i was able to affix one print today, and i think i want a thicker paper, which means stronger medium to attach to the wood.  i also need to ponder how i want the edges to be.  do i want to decorate where the paper meets the wood so it's not feeling so abrupt?  do i want a matte or gloss finish?  (leaning towards matte finish, so the glare wont be too much in some light).  do i want some of the inner wood to show, instead of only the bark? 

i'll be experimenting with decorating this one

each wood piece is so different that it's going to be a process to size each and every print for each ornament and to cut each print to the unique shape of the wooden piece.  that's going to take some time for each piece so i'll still be taking care and putting my energies into them just like all my artwork.  i want to make these affordable for people to consider buying them, but i'll need to consider if this will be financially feasible to make any profit at all with these. or maybe i should concentrate on the bigger original paintings to sell and to put in my shops for people to put on mugs and other merchandise. remember, this will be helping to finance our big dream!

i can see these anywhere a little pop of color is needed in the home!

these little guys need a name now.  i've got some ideas for that as well, but here's my problem with naming these little gems of a product.  i have original paintings on canvas, and original mini paintings on canvas.  those are self explanatory; "paintings", and "mini paintings".  but these are prints on wood.  i feel they need a 'product name' and it needs to make sense with who i am as an artist and my artwork.  my art business name is HeavenSpirit Creations.  my art is spiritual and uplifting; joyful; has something to say; makes you feel connected; sends a message.  so the name needs to convey what it is and what it is presenting.  or at least has a name that gives some sort of feeling in that direction.  sweetie likes the name "Whimspirations", which is a cute name, but my art isnt whimsical in my eyes.  even if my art becomes cute in a mini size, it really doesnt say "whimsy" to me.

my name ideas i have that i like so far are;
Tiny Intentions
Tiny Totems (but not all will be of spirit animals, so not the best)
Hanging Altars
Tiny Guides (not my favorite)
Rooted Offerings
Rooted Altars
Mini Alters
Rooted Intentions
Rooted Visions
Rooted Treasures
Tiny Treasures
as you can see, i like the double meaning of the word rooted here.  rooted, meaning very strong and firmly fixed, and they are also made of wood from a rooted tree.  i really enjoy the imagery of that.  out of my list of names, what is your favorite?
looking good on my own altar space
for now, i'll be starting to make these with prints of some of my original paintings.  since i have almost 200 paintings, i'll be picking favorites that will work well for the circular piece of wood.  it's gonna take time to get a good supply going, and while i work i'll be able to figure out a name as well as think about cost to make and how much to pay myself for the time and artwork.  it'll be a process!

until later,