Monday, September 6, 2021

"Focused on Fluidity" in the shop

 hi guys, i finally have something new to put in the store, so i present to you;

"Focused on Fluidity"

octopus doesn’t fit into someone elses box; she's too smart for that.  octopus knows her heart and mind, and searches for her own truth.   this octopus is full of love, she knows her worth, she owns her story, and is strong in her power.  


to look at products, click the words underneath the photo.  if you wish to see more items with this print, either scroll down from that page, or go to my store main page


in total i counted 68 products you can order with this image!  with departments such as tech, home decor, bed and bath, office, and tabletop, you have multiple ways to enjoy this image, in your home and on the go.  too cool!
until later,


"Focused on Fluidity", an octopus painting

hi there, my fellow beings.  i hope you're doing well in your world.  i'm doing ok.

last week i was motivated to start another octopus painting.  this one is a close-up of the beautiful soul, octopus.  i had the urge to cover up an older painting i had done a few years back that really wasn't serving me at this time.  i have the older painting saved and can buy it off my store if i feel the need to have it again, but the textures and good energies i painted into her were calling to be put into this new painting!

shes waiting for her upgrade to new octopus energies,
and pixel kitty is 'helping' on my desk
 i have powerful affirmations embedded into this piece

working the background in

this fish shape was a happy accident with the pallet knife, so i left it as is

starting to work on the octopus

showing the size.  

almost there
(i love the heart the tentacles make)

earlier i had photographed the piece then set the photo to black and white and her head disappeared into the background.  not a good thing to help the eye sort out what is what in the painting.  i then lightened up parts of the ocean elements to get the values correct.  i also thinned her head a bit, and made some drippy fun. 

to me, the drips by the tentacles seem to represent the octopus smashing out of the watery painting.  a bit of strength and rebellion with the octopus knowing there is freedom to be had on the other side of the canvas.  octopus doesnt fit into someone elses box; shes too smart for that nonsense.  octopus knows her heart and mind, and searches for her own truth.   this octopus is full of love, she knows her worth, she owns her story, and is strong in her power.  

she has energies i need! 

a few more intentional brushstrokes later and i was finishing up this energy transfer into canvas.  the end of a painting is much less enjoyable for me.  it's more work to get each right action for the better end result (much as life seems to go.  later on the decisions get more difficult instead of the carefree life that childhood is meant to be).


i've reworked the eye a few times, and darkened the edges of some tentacle areas to make them stand out a bit more, and i think i'm satisfied with the results and can call it finished. 

here's a few favorite areas;

after signing and hanging the piece, i noticed the word "hi" in green above it!
i love heavenly messages in my canvas work!

the pallet knife skipped over the eye of the girl in the older painting, 
so i kept it as a piece of octopus 'wisdom'
some awesome texture/color areas...

this beautiful painting wouldn't have all it's nuances and powerful energies without first having had the previous painting on the canvas.  again, like life.  all my previous experiences, both "good" and "bad", have ultimately brought me to this point in my life.  each step is a collective stairway to the highest pinnacle i can personally achieve.  life can be, and has been, so difficult and so beautiful.  the joys, the heartache; it's all there to experience and 'do good' with.  i had a past painting i wasn't pleased with, had to work with the strange textures, slapping paint on with the pallet knife at first, and then slowing it down.  trying to 'do good' with each stroke so the painting as a whole could be the best i could make it at this time.

 i'm still a work in progress.


keep shining your beautiful light, my sweet friends!

until later,


Monday, August 2, 2021

studio changes

hi friends!  i hope things are going well for you; that life, or even just this minute, is peaceful and you find some joy in each day.  that's my wish for you.

this post was written over a period of time, so you will see some past tense along with present tense as i wrote and re-wrote things.  time frame is a little off.  i'm just leaving it.

there has been some excitement in my little world of late.  i had a bit of money in my art account and thought a treat was in order for Heavenspirit Creations to get me back to adventuring with creativity, so i ordered a huge moleskine sketchbook and a neocolor set.  i'm excited to get to work with these new products!  of course, i made a bit of a mistake and gave sweetie the wrong neocolor link so we ordered the non water-reactive set instead of the water-reactive set.  sweetie helped me out and ordered the correct item so i can get it quicker than waiting to return the wrong item and re-place the order, and it must have come from a different dick blick warehouse cause it got here two days before the first order was to arrive (and my first order seems to be stuck in fedex limbo instead of arriving at my door)!  i was dancing around and hugging the beautiful colored crayon set, joy, oh joy! 

now to decide if i want to just keep the other set or if i will be returning it...


the other shipment arrived the day after it's delivery date

 boy they werent kidding with the "xtra large" on the moleskine description!

and... i decided to keep the other neocolor set, big surprise


the bigger (HUGE) piece of studio news started with feeling a bit of "grabby hands" for the studio of a favorite artist of mine on youtube.  her name is sandi hester and she has a wonderful, genuine and fun personality.  her videos are engaging and beautifully edited and her art is colorful, really loose, and kind of folk-art-ish.  she is a joy to watch and learn from!

anyway, i was watching sandi create in her beautiful studio and started dreaming of a "not-in-the-cold,  messy cellar" studio for myself.  my studio gets way too cold for me in the wintertime, even with a heater, it has gotten that damp smell in the spring, and we've blocked the entry with cellar junk.  it's not been conducive to creativity and i end up bringing bits of supplies into the main house and making a mess for a few months before having to bring it all back down to make room for family gatherings, only to start the migration again when the holiday blues get me needing to create.  it's gotten to be a huge drag.  so... i was dreaming.  and my dream took me to creating my studio with the living room/tv room i was in.  we have a larger room we can do our daily living in, that i had dubbed "the christmas room" for all the time we (don't) spend there, but we'd have to do a lot of organizing, purging and (sweetie, anyway) heavy lifting to make it all work.  i did my "honey? i looove you..." opening, and sweetie was on board with the re-arrangement, cause he knows it would serve me better- he tries to make my life better every chance he can- and he likes it when i'm creating (i got a good one!).  

hubby needs his 'geek room' organized and cleared of non-essentials for his gaming, then we can more easily move things out of the way into his room while figuring out how to consolidate the two living areas into one.  the 'christmas room' might be larger, but there is little wall room in which to place furniture, so thats a big issue.  i'll be cleaning out and purging items from a cluttered room upstairs i lovingly call my 'crap room' that has a lot of craft supplies and just junk, and hopefully creating a spare bedroom and game library from some things in our living area now that wont fit in the new living area.  my new art studio will have the essentials; paints and other mediums i'm currently using, easel, desk, and a small couch that lucy-pup and i can snuggle on where she can look out the window (cause i'm mean and her favorite spot on her comfy couch by the window will be gone).  the cellar studio will be my art supply surplus like canvasses and mediums i'm not currently using and the stuff from the 'crap room' like my beads and fabric.  


lucy in her favorite spot

 doggie tv will not be the same, poor girl
this weighed heavily on my heart during the whole change 
"how to make it work for lucy?!"


"Operation Re-Arrange-the-Whole-House" was started over the weekend of july 25th with the big job of clearing out sweeties geek room that consists of a heavy gaming table that needed to be moved several times to put a large rug underneath.  he was a tiny bit sore after that!

but the results are fantastic!
(dont you love the gaming table he built a few years ago?!)

i only have 4 more rooms to go!  (whomp-whomp-whomp)

here is the little area i've been creating in,if you can spot it in the mess.  this used to be the "christmas room", soon to be the living room...

sooo lovely... 
this was during the transformation, dont judge.
artwork was done under the paintings to the right.  
notice pixel-kitty in the box?  he was 'helping'
and after, august 2nd, the new living room, still in progress...
i had a belly ache over the living room for several days, because everyone was unhappy about the lack of space.  pixel kitty adored his huge cat tree in the middle of the room, now he barely uses it.  so, now i've upset dog, cat and hubby!  pixel and lucy have to get used to being in the house as a whole together, where lucy pup would guard 'her' small tv room from the cat.   it's been... an adjustment, but things are getting better by the day.  pixel was running through the house this morning, and loves being in my studio without harassment from lucy.  lucy likes being in all the rooms and is getting more exercise.  keeping my fingers crossed!

we still have lots to find places for, but on whole we're getting used to general furniture placement.
before, the second floor 'crap room'...

this room you can judge, it was naturally a pit
again, pixel-kitty 'helping'

soon to be a game library, and to have a bed for spare bedroom... 
no photo yet, will update later. it still needs a lot done to it, but some has been purged, and some has been moved already. 

before (but after clearing a path to get in), my cellar studio...

just a heap of mess!

and during, august 2nd, my studio surplus room...

lots of organization needed here!  the two big shelves in the soon-to-be spare bedroom will be coming down here for art supply storage.

and, now, the main event...

before, the living room (with a lucy in her spot at the window)...

 and after, august 2nd, my main art studio...

(lucy is currently in the new living room, under the blankets)


the main studio is pretty much done, though i want to get each art medium organized in a better way.  this room is perfect for me!  it's big enough to hold all the supplies i work with; it has space for personal books i hold sacred, and my incense type things; and i have space to do workouts and yoga as well as a little loveseat for me and pup to relax on!  (and, yes, i made sure lucy is comfortable and can look out the window)

i might make a proper studio tour later.  right now, i need to rest after all that switch-a-roonie (switch-a-roomie?) we were able to do!

until later,


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

"Farm Roots" painting progress and result

hi there, and good morning, or afternoon, or evening.  i'm meeting you wherever and whenever you are, cause that's how i roll.

as of starting this post, it is monday, july 19, and my goal for the foreseeable future is to work on sketches and paintings each weekday.  i'm going at my own pace, as my body permits, so it may be slow progress, but i'm documenting as i go.

this morning i did a quick sketch (if you remember this is going to be a not-perfect abstract painting of my childhood home) on my drippy canvas with water-reactive pencil and then sprayed lightly with fixative.


i'm pretty pleased to have this unique perspective of the house before it was renovated and the shape of the back was changed.  this is the look of many memories playing on that lower shed roof, trying to climb my way up.  a happy day it was when i finally had the strength in my little body to fight my way to the crest!  that roof is no longer there, as it now has a big, beautiful sun room on top of it, but the base holds the sun room just as strongly as it holds some beautiful memories in my heart.

a little more work to the sketch, and it was onto the fun part of painting this piece!  i am going for it this time, and chose wild, fun colors to represent the endless days of exploration i had as a young child.

i decided to make the windows much smaller, and i like that look for this painting.

i chose colors based on the values in the B&W photo i have.
i didn't like how my focus was drawn away from the little shed
whose roof was the main subject for me

i like this color better for the shed, even though the value is off

and here is how it hung on my wall for a while as i pondered the next move. 

i'm thinking it needs a little bit more, and am waiting on some art supplies to come in so i can play a bit more on the canvas but with new stuff!


tuesday morning, after thinking about what and how to add, and talking it out with sweetie, i had a plan, and it was good.  didn't want to wait for new supplies, i just went in and did it!


here is my final piece, titled "Farm Roots".

i added my swing set and a drippy tree that i saw in the paint to the right, and added the word "roots" in pink, darkened some pink areas here and there and in the windows.  i darkened the green behind the house and added a 'bush' to the left of the house to soften the lines and to represent the huge lilac bush that hides that side of the house.  all those drips reminded me of roots and i ran with the theme of that, up-played all the drippiness, and used the play of words for the title.  

i took a lot of artistic license to this painting and i'm happy and proud i was able to get to this point of experience that i can play with my art instead of trying for exact likeness to the photo.

until later,


Sunday, July 18, 2021

an old painting, and new work

well, hello there!  long time, no see.  i've been busy in the garden these few months, with no motivation for other artistic pursuits.  i'm currently waiting for tomatoes to grow and have had an encouraging word or two from my grandson who was in the state, visiting for a bit, so the motivation has struck again.  yay for encouraging words from important people!

i had started working, before the grandkids came to visit, on my older painting of the farm in which i grew up.  (no, i dont speak that properly, and usually dont type that way either, but you should have seen that sentence before i fixed it!)


now (still in progress)

after getting motivation i started one of my crazy underpaintings with no subject in mind. (no before photo of the painting before finding the subject).  when i turned the canvas to let drips fall, i was met by a vision of an abstract landscape, and i knew i wanted to do an abstract painting of my childhood home.


i then painted out the sky, tree, and grass areas a little bit while letting some of the underpainting show.

it's all drippy, just the way i like it, and i scribbled the word "FARM" in the sky to keep my mind in the 'loose' department!

then i found the photo i wanted to paint of the farmhouse

the farmhouse, back in the day


and i cut out the house, just to better see where i wanted to place it on the canvas

i'm excited to get a loose feeling to the old house.  i won't be going into perfectionistic details at all, wanting it to be 'wonky' and fun!  fun is where it's at for me!  if it isnt fun, then why am i doing it?  especially painting and looking at my art.

i bought this book over the weekend and with my newfound motivation i plan on doing the exercises within and doing a bit of sketching and art each weekday.  that's my goal this week, and i'm hoping this will be a daily habit i will continue just for funsies.

lucy would rather me be strictly at her beck and call, but she's just gonna have to deal

i'll keep you posted!
until later,

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

updating the For Sale page

hi there my friends!  hope your light is still shining bright, or at least still shining, and that you are giving yourself the care you deserve as the wonderful human you are.   because you rock!

I was messaged the other day an inquiry about one of my mini paintings listed for sale.  yay for inquiries!  that gave me a happy, but also made me look at my For Sale page and notice I have not updated it in a very long time.  time to get to work on that bit, I suppose.

so, in order for me to make it easier on my mind while I re-learn the revamped bits on blogger and piece the For Sale page together, I think I will add the paintings right here first so when I take breaks while working on it I won't get too lost.  I remember it being difficult last time I worked that page, so I think the Jenny brain needs a cheat sheet for this.

this is the first step to a re-worked For Sale area, but it's a step in the right direction.

I'm trying to put the paintings up in groups that make sense, so you might see multiples of one subject.   "just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling".  they are numbered here (29 paintings in this post!) just for myself on this post and not for any communication about said paintings.  

these are all original mini paintings of varying sizes, full of texture and movement and perfect for an alter or to sit upon a table or in among the books on your shelves.  they will bring a bit of joy and some of them come with a message if you choose to listen.


mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

People who connect to Rabbit are clever and creative but may be working to control anxiety.
They are ready to run from potential harm but can relax in their safe burrow.
Use Rabbits energy to know you can release your fears; you can protect yourself.


"The Treasure"
mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Rabbit is associated with luck, fertility and abundance.  
Know that your ideas are prolific and will come to fruition as you act on them.
Keep an ear open for opportunities.  Do the work and save your riches
to make it through the long, cold months.


"The Pause"
mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Bunnies are clever animals as they can hide in plain sight just by staying still.
They teach us to think outside the box.  If Rabbit is calling to you,
he may be telling you to stir up your own creativity.
Don't let your ideas sit idle for long and be willing to do something unexpected.


"Silent Flight"
mixed media; collage with maps, acrylics, inks
$25 + $5 shipping in the US

Owl might mean a change in life at this time.
Take Owls ability of clear sight to help you see the right course during this change.
Look for patterns and signs in life to help you.
Owl is a guide to help you see through the veil of illusion.
Call on Owl when facing a decision.


"The Visioning"
mixed media; collage with maps, acrylics, inks
$25 + $5 shipping in the US

Owl represents your inner wisdom and may represent an upcoming change.  
Creating a vision board may be a way of fostering what you wish in order to see how the life choices
you make now play into the future you desire.
Call on Owl to help you chart these courses and to see any potential obstacles.  
You have the answers.


"Spring Bouquet #1"
highly textured mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$36 + $5 shipping

These flowers will spread joy daily and never need watering.
Made with collaged paper, then painted over in a drippy, loose, interpretive way 
to create a carefree focal point for any room.


"Spring Bouquet #2"
highly textured mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$36 + $5 shipping

A fresh spring palette of colors awaits you each morning with this abstract artwork.
I began with a collage of papers to which I imagined the bouquet into being 
with heavy pallet knife work and dripping inks.


"Spring Bouquet #3"
highly textured mixed media; collage, acrylics, inks
$36 + $5 shipping

Imagine this sight as you sip your morning coffee.
A soothing bouquet of spring colors to bring joy into your day. 
Made with Collaged papers over which I used a pallet knife to create a loose, textured piece.
I then added drippy inks in my signature style.


"The Transformation"
mixed media; washi tape, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Butterfly is a guide to your newest inner change in life.  
Be it mental or spiritual, 
Butterfly is there to help you through the dark cocooning and onto flight with light wings.
Soul work is not easy, but it is important that you make this change.


"Playtime for Otter"
mixed media; washi tape, acrylics
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Otter is a playful soul, finding the joy wherever she turns.  They accept challenges head on with a shrug and continue forward with a positive outlook.
Call on Otter Wisdom when you have doubts that you can get through life troubles with a carefree attitude.  their antics will brighten your day.


"Red Eyed Frog"
mixed media; washi tape, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

People with Frog Totem are great healers.  They have empathy for those around them.
They help those in need by cleansing old energies to make room for new.
Frog says you are coming into your own power.  Release what doesn't resonate and follow your guidance.

"Heart of the Fox"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics, inks
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

collage says "lift up your heart"

Look for the unintentional hearts in this piece!  The red heart I brought forward.
You are a smart one to have the heart of the Fox.  Always looking for solutions to daily obstacles, 
you have found the best way around trouble.  
You are able to provide for yourself and loved ones, even when times are rough.


"The Wary One"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics, inks
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

The Wary Fox pays attention to what surrounds him.  
He wants you to make sure you are not being deceived 
and that your path is free of what does not serve your highest good.  
Make careful decisions under Fox's wary eye.


"Be Yourself"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Sloth tells you to enjoy those small pleasures found.  Embrace your differences.
Be odd and relish in the oddness of others.  Normal is boring!
Sloth teaches peace, tranquility, kindness and understanding.
Sloth people have big hearts full of compassion.


"Carry the Love"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Sloth teaches peace, tranquility, kindness and understanding.  
Sloth people have big hearts full of compassion for others.  
Carry your light to the world with a patient smile on your face.


"Resting Sloth"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics, inks
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Sloth tells you to add self care to your routine.
Enjoy the sun on your face as you read a book;
relax and take a nap;
eat something healthy to fuel your body;
spend some time in nature.
embrace your dreams.


"Busy One"
mixed media;  washi tape, acrylics
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

A busy worker bee goes flower to flower,
collecting pollen
 for the hive.  
Always helping her community.

"True Colors"
mixed media; collage, washi tape, acrylics
$24 + $5 shipping in the US

Peacock is in your life to tell you that you are here for a reason.
You are enough, as you are.
Show off your personality and strut your stuff!
Grow into your beautiful plumage, honestly; with grace but also with balance, knowing that just as peacock is perfect, so are swan and duck.


"The Night Wanderer"
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

Elephant memory is strong, and his mind wanders from one memory to the next. 
 Are there things you need to let go of?  
Now might be the time.


"Out of the Mist"
mixed media; collage, acrylics
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

This strong elephant walks bravely in her own path.
She trusts her inner knowing and that of generations before.
She trusts her journey


"Colorful Bull"
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

Elephant is here to suggest you may have something you need to say to another.
Make your dreams known, open up and express yourself.


"On the Savanna"
mixed media; collage, acrylics
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

This Elephant reminds us that nurturing ourselves 
is as important (or even more so) than nurturing others.
You cannot pour from an empty cup.
Your instincts will guide you to know where you need support.
Find your way Home for care.


"At the Watering Hole"
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

You enjoy caring for those in need.  A sense of family is important to you.
Elephant is loyal and loving in all situations, but remember to fill your own soul.


"Nebula" (SOLD- thank you!)
$17 + $5 shipping in the US

This Elephant holds secrets of the Universe inside her.
Use your inner knowledge to guide you.


"Swift to Love"

mixed media; collage, acrylics
$15 + $5 shipping


"Dog With a Red Ball"

mixed media; collage, acrylics
$15 + $5 shipping


"Those Pitbull Eyes"

mixed media; collage, acrylics
$15 + $5 shipping


"Nice Doggie"

mixed media; collage, acrylics
$15 + $5 shipping


"Pug With the Heart of Gold"

mixed media; collage, acrylics
$15 + $5 shipping

my paintings enjoyed their spa day and photo shoot this morning!

as always, you can contact me for any of these original paintings by email  

or message me through my facebook art page

you can also get any of these, plus many others, in my society6 shop, and put them on totes and other fun and useful items.

thanks for looking!

until later,