Monday, September 6, 2021

"Focused on Fluidity", an octopus painting

hi there, my fellow beings.  i hope you're doing well in your world.  i'm doing ok.

last week i was motivated to start another octopus painting.  this one is a close-up of the beautiful soul, octopus.  i had the urge to cover up an older painting i had done a few years back that really wasn't serving me at this time.  i have the older painting saved and can buy it off my store if i feel the need to have it again, but the textures and good energies i painted into her were calling to be put into this new painting!

shes waiting for her upgrade to new octopus energies,
and pixel kitty is 'helping' on my desk
 i have powerful affirmations embedded into this piece

working the background in

this fish shape was a happy accident with the pallet knife, so i left it as is

starting to work on the octopus

showing the size.  

almost there
(i love the heart the tentacles make)

earlier i had photographed the piece then set the photo to black and white and her head disappeared into the background.  not a good thing to help the eye sort out what is what in the painting.  i then lightened up parts of the ocean elements to get the values correct.  i also thinned her head a bit, and made some drippy fun. 

to me, the drips by the tentacles seem to represent the octopus smashing out of the watery painting.  a bit of strength and rebellion with the octopus knowing there is freedom to be had on the other side of the canvas.  octopus doesnt fit into someone elses box; shes too smart for that nonsense.  octopus knows her heart and mind, and searches for her own truth.   this octopus is full of love, she knows her worth, she owns her story, and is strong in her power.  

she has energies i need! 

a few more intentional brushstrokes later and i was finishing up this energy transfer into canvas.  the end of a painting is much less enjoyable for me.  it's more work to get each right action for the better end result (much as life seems to go.  later on the decisions get more difficult instead of the carefree life that childhood is meant to be).


i've reworked the eye a few times, and darkened the edges of some tentacle areas to make them stand out a bit more, and i think i'm satisfied with the results and can call it finished. 

here's a few favorite areas;

after signing and hanging the piece, i noticed the word "hi" in green above it!
i love heavenly messages in my canvas work!

the pallet knife skipped over the eye of the girl in the older painting, 
so i kept it as a piece of octopus 'wisdom'
some awesome texture/color areas...

this beautiful painting wouldn't have all it's nuances and powerful energies without first having had the previous painting on the canvas.  again, like life.  all my previous experiences, both "good" and "bad", have ultimately brought me to this point in my life.  each step is a collective stairway to the highest pinnacle i can personally achieve.  life can be, and has been, so difficult and so beautiful.  the joys, the heartache; it's all there to experience and 'do good' with.  i had a past painting i wasn't pleased with, had to work with the strange textures, slapping paint on with the pallet knife at first, and then slowing it down.  trying to 'do good' with each stroke so the painting as a whole could be the best i could make it at this time.

 i'm still a work in progress.


keep shining your beautiful light, my sweet friends!

until later,


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