Sunday, July 18, 2021

an old painting, and new work

well, hello there!  long time, no see.  i've been busy in the garden these few months, with no motivation for other artistic pursuits.  i'm currently waiting for tomatoes to grow and have had an encouraging word or two from my grandson who was in the state, visiting for a bit, so the motivation has struck again.  yay for encouraging words from important people!

i had started working, before the grandkids came to visit, on my older painting of the farm in which i grew up.  (no, i dont speak that properly, and usually dont type that way either, but you should have seen that sentence before i fixed it!)


now (still in progress)

after getting motivation i started one of my crazy underpaintings with no subject in mind. (no before photo of the painting before finding the subject).  when i turned the canvas to let drips fall, i was met by a vision of an abstract landscape, and i knew i wanted to do an abstract painting of my childhood home.


i then painted out the sky, tree, and grass areas a little bit while letting some of the underpainting show.

it's all drippy, just the way i like it, and i scribbled the word "FARM" in the sky to keep my mind in the 'loose' department!

then i found the photo i wanted to paint of the farmhouse

the farmhouse, back in the day


and i cut out the house, just to better see where i wanted to place it on the canvas

i'm excited to get a loose feeling to the old house.  i won't be going into perfectionistic details at all, wanting it to be 'wonky' and fun!  fun is where it's at for me!  if it isnt fun, then why am i doing it?  especially painting and looking at my art.

i bought this book over the weekend and with my newfound motivation i plan on doing the exercises within and doing a bit of sketching and art each weekday.  that's my goal this week, and i'm hoping this will be a daily habit i will continue just for funsies.

lucy would rather me be strictly at her beck and call, but she's just gonna have to deal

i'll keep you posted!
until later,

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