Monday, April 1, 2019

this weeks work

I did some finishing touches to the two rabbit paintings I hadn't finished last week.  the last touches really bring a painting to life!

this is the only photo I took during their early progression.
bad blogger!

 a bit into the process.
I then worked more on eye,
 darkened foot, darkened the ears...

 you can see a little eye difference here with this and next photos

see...corner of eye is highlighted.
these are the tiny details that make it all come to life!

"Sure Footed"
acrylic, india inks, charcoal and collage on canvas
People who connect to rabbit are clever & creative but may be working to control anxiety.  They are ready to run from potential harm but can relax in their safe burrow.  Use rabbit’s energy to know you can release your fears; you can protect yourself.

earlier in the process

worked on eye, darkened some fur in areas
with yellow for sunlight

"The Pause"
acrylic, india inks, charcoal and collage on canvas
Rabbits are clever as they can hide in plain view by staying still. They tell us to think outside the box. If Bunny is calling he may be saying it’s time to stir up the creativity. Don’t let your ideas sit idle for long; be willing to do the unexpected.

these canvasses will be at Bates Crafters Gallery this week, or you can email me if you live outside of driving distance and we'll work out shipping.

I also started another owl;

I'm hoping with the collage elements I put on his head that I can be a little more free and create a more whimsical painting.

until later,

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