Thursday, October 24, 2019

easy art journalling with "365 tarot spells"

I bought this book for my birthday and it came yesterday;

this book excites me!  I need a nudge to get my head cleared of all the negativity that has been enveloping me lately and I think working with the book can help me relieve some of it through just getting to know my tarot deck in a more intimate way.  not only does this have spells to work with to help in everyday life (ease of travel spell, sound sleep spell...), but it has what is called "connection rituals", where you hold a meditation and find yourself entering the card to see from it's eyes, so to speak.

what I've decided to do first with this book is to create an art journal page for each card in the deck.  there are 78 cards, so this will be a long-term project and I'm not going to hold myself to create each day but take it slow.  I have the perfect journal for this, that was once a tried-and-failed attempt at a hand written Book of Shadows.

it's a pretty, purple, leather-bound with many signatures

I chose the first spread to be for THE SUN, but for each of my other spreads I'll be shuffling the deck to see what energies I'll be working with that day.

letting the image rest while I journal about the card

finishing up the art with some gold for added energies

I found a good reference site called to learn about tarot, and used it for journalling about the Sun card.  it may be my go-to for each card, I'm not sure yet.  click here to learn what they say about the Sun.

I was rather impressed that I intuitively picked the Sun card to be the first card in the journal.  reading up on it, it has everything I need right now; with going into such a big project, with not knowing where my health is going, with going into a known depressive time of year.  this card lets me know that I have what it takes to get through all my struggles and to shine my radiance into the world like only I can.  in another book I have, "your guide to the tarot" (in this tarot kit),  Janet Berres calls the Sun card "the best card of the deck!

my goal is to just explore things in this journal.  not going for works of art, but to enjoy myself, to experiment with what materials I have and to show what each card means to me in a quick, easy way.  the front portion of this beautiful leather-bound book will be for artwork, and later signatures of the book will hold journalling of tarot spreads and spells I've done.

updated with some added dots for more motion

this should be a great project for the upcoming hibernation months!

until later,