Monday, October 28, 2019

new products in the stores!

hi there!

we were busy getting the 'lily pond' series up in my society6 and redbubble stores yesterday.  we had a bit of trouble getting the colors correct, but came close, and each has a bit of a different shade, but I adore how they go together like a family.  different but same.  and, I'm pretty excited about some new products available.

first, in my society6 shop
*click on the link under each photo to get to product.  scroll down on page to find other products

"Lily Pond Abstract 1"

"Lily Pond Abstract 2"

"Lily Pond Abstract 3"

"Lily Pond Abstract 4"

"Lily Pond Abstract 5"

now for my redbubble shop
*click on print name to find all products with this image

"Lily Pond Abstract 1"

A-line dress



"Lily Pond Abstract 4"

Spiral Notebook

Water Bottle

I hope you enjoy browsing my stores and explore my other artworks there!  it's going to take a little work to make sure each painting is available on each piece of merchandise, so bare with me while I activate them.

until later,

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