Friday, November 1, 2019

tarot art journalling in October

I've been making progress with my tarot art journalling.  the first three days were easy.  I was motivated and I think I may have found a combination of supplements that have me feeling much 'better' in my battle with Lyme disease.  I had the motivation and the energy in the first 3 days of art journalling to do 3 spreads, and those two elements (energy and motivation) are the things that will keep me moving and off the couch.  I still have pain, and I'm still dead tired (which is funny since I have energy... it's different, though), but with motivation and energy, I can move mountains!

these spreads are meant to be quick, imperfect learning tools to get me off the couch, into art again and immersing myself in tarot.  these are not to become agitated about or stressed about in any way, because they are just for my eyes- and you- not something to sell.  I'm hoping to do a few each week until finished with the deck of 78 cards.

I showed you my first spread, The Sun, which I chose to be the main card for this journal;

signifies positivity, fun, warmth, success, and vitality
read more about Sun here

my second spread was the 4 of Cups, and I really love this one;

signifies meditation, contemplation, apathy, and reevaluation
read more here

spread 3 is the Queen of Rods;

signifies courage, confidence, independence, social butterfly, and determination
read more here

next I worked on 3 of Swords.  it has a lot of texture in it;

signifies heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, hurt
read more about 3 of swords here

next card I drew was The Empress;

signifies femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, abundance
read more about the Empress here

I took a few days off, being busy and then tired, and then, suddenly, it was November 1st.  I'll do a post a month with my progress in this tarot journal.  

until later,

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