Friday, November 8, 2019

tarot art journal spreads

I was able to get back to the art table on November 4th, after a little break from things.  I always worry when I take breaks cause I wonder if I'll ever have the energy to get back into art of any form.  I also have to hold myself from criticism with these journal pages.  other artists may spend hours futzing with every little detail in their art journals, but I want to do quick pages just to let off steam and get something down on the page that represents the tarot card that I chose that day.

my first card of the month of November was the Tower.  it's not a sweet card to draw, for sure, and I found some good images to represent the chaos of it.

I laid out all the collage pieces and took a photo (above), but when I went to glue the elements down things got shifted and I couldn't shift them back.  I liked the composition above much better.

the way it turned out seemed to have a bit of disconnect with the woman and the tower.  the eye didn't move freely with the image as a whole and got stuck where her hand is.  movement is much better in the unglued version!  I had an inward chuckle that this spread was giving me trouble, and fixed it a bit with fire images.

it is what it is

I also like that the woman in the fetal position in the image has a soft ball of yarn.  to me that tells me that what is happening is for the better in the long run; that I will come to the end of this phase stronger from it.  read about the Tower card here.

I worked today with the Page of Cups.  for some reason I felt the energy of my son, Winter-Orion, for this card.  Winter is in the spirit dimension now, but he was very creative and intuitive and this is the energy for the card.  I thought about using a photo of him for this, but realized it might get in the way of knowing the card better instead of always relating it to Winter.  again, I chose the images that spoke to me and just created without too much thought.

and the end result has become another favorite;

read about the Page of Cups here

it was a good creative outcome today, and glad to have my boy join me in it!

until later,

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