Wednesday, October 2, 2019

an update

hi guys!

I've had some pretty miserable moments lately, and some better ones as well.  the other day I did an oracle card reading for myself and was happy with the results that stated that the illness I'm dealing with was a way to get back to my spirituality and to change the way I saw myself.  doing more self care and standing up for myself these days.  I felt empowered by the reading, and in that feeling I vowed to challenge myself to do a little bit of 'art-stuff' each day in October.  (and then the very next day I was full of rage against the world... you get used to the emotional and physical roller coaster ride that is Lyme disease after a while)

 a not-so-good moment

a better moment

I recently took new photos of the mini Spirit Animal paintings I have available for sale and put them up in my art facebook page.  I'll have to put them here as well.  I think they show the paintings better now, and I've gotten a sale from it.  here are a few:

 "Be Yourself"


 "Heart of the Fox"

 "Sure Footed"

 "The Treasure"

"The Wary One"

the album in my facebook art page is HERE, and I'll also try to get them up in my for sale page shortly.

I'm still watching my classes in Let's Face It, and learning while watching even if I'm not up to doing any class work.  although, I've downloaded all the classes to date, I have a bunch of weeks worth of videos and lesson plans cluttering my desktop that need to go into their own folders.  what would be an easy thing to do while downloading has now become a chore.

yesterday I had an appointment with my lyme doctor.  I let her know how frustrated I am; the crazy but controlled anger; the 'out of my body' moments where everything is pretty much... oh well.  I tell you, this is a ride.   we decided on adding another treatment to the regime.  I'm to give myself a little shot twice a week for a month and then see how I'm doing.  this is a peptide treatment, which is supposed to support the immune system.  I'm also on something for the unrelenting nausea.  all in all, though she's pretty happy with how well I'm doing.  my pain level is down, which is huge.  I have had some 'good' days, which is huge.  I was able to help move a table when sweetie and son #4 helped my mother move houses, which is huge.  my doc tells me that being up to a full dose at this point of my treatment is huge.  so, I'm doing good work, it's just overwhelming if you do research on it and are living it.  I do hope this peptide treatment will get me 'over the hump' and let me feel that I'm doing better.  I'm strong and I will fight this to the end!  remission here I come!

I woke up today with an email from society6 that I was paid for a purchase made in august, so that was a lovely surprise!  I went to my page there to check out what was bought, and was amazed that there were 8 more in 'pending' mode!  I was doing an internal Snoopy dance, thats for sure!  hooray for collectors buying from the little businesses for the holidays or for themselves!  I checked my redbubble page, too, just to make sure nothing got by, and I updated my database to show earnings from both shops that I have neglected to update.

and then I decided I had a bit of energy to piddle in the studio for a bit;

just a little art journal page in its beginning stages, but it made me happy to get my fingers messy again!

and I'm done.  wiped out again, but I may have the spoons later on to finish watching this weeks class.  and I'll continue pushing myself to do a little something art-y each day this month.

until later,


  1. I love reading what you have to say. Wish I could keep up with mine, but it is not read by anyone anyway. I miss my sister's writings. She had a way with words.

    1. thank you sandy! I dont know why I didn't get a notification about your comment until just now. I apologize for not responding sooner! I just write for myself, not expecting people to actually read it. its nice to come back to these posts and see where I was. HUGS