Friday, February 3, 2023

where the raven canvas stands today

hi all!

my last update had me painting out some of the suns rays as raindrops in gold.  i also painted some of the rays more orange to see if i wanted that change or not.  i then asked sweetie his thoughts on my progress, including the rest of the rays being a bit more orange than yellow.  his thoughts were he liked the rays better more orange, but the gold raindrops to him looked like bombs or comets about to hit the earth.  after he told me what he saw i couldnt unsee it.  thats certainly NOT the image i wanted people to consciously or unconsciously absorb when they see my artwork!  being thankful i asked his thoughts, i set to work to make the raindrops less nefarious looking.  

 i still wanted some gold to be seen in the raindrops, so i worked to create some un-comet-y looking raindrops with gold peeking through.  they are close in tone with the blue sky background, but i like that this painting gives you little visual surprises as you look around the canvas.  the more you look and the closer you are the more you will enjoy this one!

not scary now!

before, with scary "comets";

after, with refreshing raindrops and warm orange rays of sun;

maybe it's now time to stop showing the whole canvas with my updates, and just do close-ups of the little details as i do them...  as a whole it's pretty much the same, the details is where it's at now.  
can you tell i've been stalling painting details to the ravens???  yeah, thats fear, and as soon as this cold snap eases (supposed to be getting down to -10 F tonight, with a windchill of -33) i'll be setting to work on the fear as well as the ravens! 

until later,

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