Tuesday, January 31, 2023

a few little tweaks to raven painting

hi all!

energy has been very low for me lately, but today i made a little progress.  just tiny changes here and there.  i painted the ladder to the moon, fixed the moon a bit and added the draping beads for the little raven to sit on and surrounding the moon.  i also made a few of the sun rays into raindrop shapes with gold paint.  it all might need another 'go round', but it's in.

it's looking a bit closer to the finished look and feeling i'm envisioning, but still has more to go.  the ravens of course need attention and i have a few small details i want to include before deciding what else needs to happen.  

the other day as i was doing a big painting session, i was listening to a group of ravens chatting away outside.  ravens dont often congregate like that near our home, so it was a thrill for me.  it felt like they knew i was inviting their energy near me and they were glad to accompany me as i painted.

and, i have to tell you... the happy little accidental "4" in the sitting raven really tickles me.  the shape was created many layers ago with washi tape, and just showed up as a 4 with this last layer of black.  according to my Angel Numbers book by doreen virtue, 4 says "Angels are with you.  Call upon them for help, guidance, and feelings of love and security".  i dont know if i will be able to keep the number as i work on that raven, but the message i will keep secure in this painting.

for now, i'm happy i was able to get to the studio today and do some work!

until later,


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