Tuesday, January 3, 2023

and, we're off!

hi all!  i do hope you're doing well.  or at least doing your best.

me?  i'm starting the year off with a bang.  i'm just doing it, you know?  i'm refusing to let myself get the better of me.  i know there's darkness looming, but right now, today, i'm beating it.  i've got my list of things to do, that i can do.  some easy things, some harder.  and, instead of being on soul-sucking sites and listening to and watching soul-sucking things, i'm keeping as busy as i can with my own tasks.  it's what i can do for my own mental health, and thats important!  i'm refusing darkness.  period.  i can choose to look at all the things that have gone wrong in my life (and i can write a book!), or i can choose a brighter outlook.  which option is better for my physical and mental health?  light, bright, looking at the good that i have, looking at the health that i have, looking at the beauty around me, looking at the people who love me, looking for the good people out there, the good deeds, the colors, the trees, the rain.  there's beauty, light and love all around me in the world!  i choose that today.

yesterday i posted about my plans for my life sized canvas.  to paint over an older painting that no longer serves me with something more my style.  today i cringed as i covered the painting with gesso, but as soon as it was barely gone i felt at ease with the decision.  

then it was off to the races with bold colors and large strokes over a bit of collage.  as it dries, i add more of the same color family, so as to not be too muddy.  today it was a black base, then cool colors.  tomorrow i'll be adding the warmer colors.

here's where we stand as of now

loving it so far!

here's to staying busy!

until later,


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