Tuesday, January 10, 2023

getting to the painting stage of my raven canvas

hi all!

i almost successfully waited until a sunny day in order to photograph the canvas before fiddling with it.  i had a few trouble spots i wanted to rectify before the photo was taken.  small spots that sweetie didnt notice, even viewing the before and after, but they sure annoyed me beforehand and gave me a peaceful feeling afterwards, so i'm glad i did those little tweaks before we put it up on society6!




just small touches.  i added green in places that needed darkening and other small dabs.  subtle, but needed.

then came the sketching out part of the job.  these bits are hard to see in the full view of the canvas, but they sure help the thinking process and painting of the piece!  i sketched and rubbed away and sketched some more.  it was a thing, and i was exhausted after several hours of work.

what a cutie-pie
hard to see but it's there
starting to paint it out

i'm calling it quits for the day.  i keep going to the studio to look at it with fresh eyes.  i'm liking where it's going and can see my vision playing out.  it's a happy feeling!  i'm exhausted and in pain, but so very happy with the work i've done today.

until later,



  1. I love your backgrounds!

    1. thank you very much for the comment, and thanks for reading!