Friday, January 6, 2023

more progress in the background

hi all!

i've had a good couple of days playing in the background of this huge- life sized- canvas i'm painting over.  my first pass was cool colors over collage (on top of a first and a second painting, so we have a LOT of layers happening, here).  i then took a think about what i want my final painting to look like, and decided that a warm color scheme peeking through would be better, so i added a warm layer on top.  here's the before and after;

i flipped the canvas before i did the next layers;

changed the top middle circle with gold dots a bit so it isnt so bright.  darkened the blue to a dark green, and i put pink on top of the gold dots.  looks much better now

and a bit of a photo dump of some textures i love



a favorite spot, reminds me of a sunflower;

i might need to capture this spot alone for merchandise


i am at a holding point at the moment, only because i wish to take a good quality photo in order to put it into my shop.  i am loving this point and with no main focal element i think it will look great and fit on all the products produced at society6.  here's my shop;

i've been thinking about the next steps to take in order to get my painting the way i wish.  because i want the main objects to have a bit of the background show through i cant have the sky and sun painted over the whole canvas.  i'll have to sketch out most of the main points onto the canvas in order to paint around those areas.  the sun i want to be bold, though, so i'll be using white gesso to block in the sun and rays and then when dry i'll go back with the bright yellows.  i tell you, it's a whole thing to figure it all out!  even the sun needed some thought how i wanted the rays to look.  

right now my list goes, in order, before getting to the main focal points;

1. chalk out the ravens

2. gesso the sun and rays in

3. chalk out the chakra points (might go over some rays)

4. dry brush the sky in

all this is after i can get a good photo, and that requires a nice sunny day, so a couple more days of pondering before even that task can happen.  then i can go about painting in the main and not-so-main elements.

and to remind you of the idea, here's the sketch i did of my vision;

this is the fun stuff!

until later,


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