Saturday, January 14, 2023

work on the raven painting

hi all!

i took a 2 day break from painting, as it is hard on the body, but i was back at it today with working on the crystals.  i had sketched them in this week, and today was starting to add color!

there's another group of crystals to start painting out, and i will be fiddling with getting this batch 'just so', but i'm pretty excited about how it's coming along.  each time i add another aspect to the canvas i get to feeling the nervousness about 'messing it up', even though i know it's just paint and i can fix it if there's something i dont like.  my way of painting, my style, is showing the underpainting, so that's something i dont want to lose.  too many so-called mistakes mean something must be lost from the underpainting.  so far, so good, though, and i still have important glimpses of the collage pieces i enjoy seeing.

such fun texture!

and after a bit more work, i've got the other cluster of crystals partly in and more detail on the rest;

i'll keep plugging away at this beast of a canvas!

no wonder i hurt!

until later,


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