Monday, August 28, 2017

three new in the shop!

hi there!  my sweet man was able to work with me this weekend to get my newest paintings in the shop.  i'm also proud to say that since getting a february 2018 date for my library showing four months ago i've gotten eight new paintings completed!  thats pretty good progress for me.  i know that once the show is under wraps, i will be free to work on other mediums, not just canvas, so that will taper down.  of course i'll still be making works on paper still available in the shop (if they are shop worthy), but the pressure i give myself to have show quality work will be less.

so, here they are!

the seeker;

and cards

tail of the peacock;

sweet curtains

a funky backpack

and much more!

queen of her own healing;

and totes

as usual, you can find more items available for each painting at my heavenspirit creations store.  i noticed that we forgot to add "queen of her own healing" as a tapestry, so we will fix that this evening.

until later,

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