Tuesday, August 29, 2017

a blog along!

hi there.  it's me.  again.  i know i posted just yesterday about the paintings i put up in my society6 shop, but i'm here now because sweet effy wild has created a blog along challenge for the month of september, and i have decided to jump in!

i used to enjoy writing as a child and young adult but have just gotten out of practice and lazy.  i think writing about ones life is important, especially as one gets older and more, um, forgetful.  i also think my blog has stagnated and gotten rather boring and i want to add my personality in it instead of "here, i painted this" and "here, i put those paintings up in my shop".  BORING!

i want to show more of who i am

what my world is like

what I'm interested in

the good, the bad, and the ugly

i've decided that this blog should be more about what makes me tick, as thats what really creates the artist inside!  my art is for me, i create paintings for myself not for consumerism.  i create pieces that resonate in my own heart, and i think i started thinking more about not wanting to bore people who *may* read the blog.  there are a hell lot more people not reading than there are reading this, so i need to get it back to me.  it's ok to have my blog about me!

so, starting september first, i will be writing daily in an attempt to get back into my head.  effy has prompts in case i decide i don't know what to write about, so that should help a lot!

and i'll apologize in advance for the influx of posts and notifications that will be happening.  some things must happen to create change.  and this is a good change.

until later,

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