Thursday, August 10, 2017

newest paintings in the shop

hi there.  i've neglected to blog this week.  it's been an up and down few days/weeks in my little world, but i'm still here!

this week i've been varnishing three out of my four newest paintings (not enough horizontal space for a big operation like that), a smaller one i had forgotten about, and all of my minis.  i had already sprayed my minis, thinking that would give them the shine i wanted for them, but it just wasn't enough, so i went ahead and did them with the good stuff as well.

20 minis, ready for their ribbon hangers

getting all shiny

last weekend was busy and parts were too rainy to get good photos, but we managed to find a sunny spot when we weren't doing anything, so we got some photos snapped and fought society6 to get them uploaded to my shop.  the site was having issues, but we were able to get two of the three up in the shop!

formally introducing Hay Day;

the framed print looks lovely!

here's the wall clock 

and the pouch
there are three sizes

and introducing The Farmers Daughter;

stunning as a framed print

the mug turned out nicely

and the tote is cool as well

check out these items, and more in my heavenspirit creations shop.  with over 100 paintings that can be put on multiple items, you are in a shoppers delight!

until later,

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