Wednesday, January 11, 2017

in memory...

in memory of my beloved Pita Pocket, january 17, 2001- january 10, 2017

pita was gifted to me 2 1/2 years after the death of my son, winter, by sweet family friends who saw my grief and were breeding pomeranian pups at that time.  i fell in love with their little girl, how devoted the breed is, and knew i needed a shadow.  and, did i get my wish!

baby pita

pita pup was a devoted little man.  such a sweet guy.  if someone met him, they loved him.  in fact, he won over a few pom 'haters' with his gentle attitude.  one of our vets first meetings with him commented that they weren't big fans of the breed because they knew several that were just plain mean.  he won them over, and big!

whats this?

 i think someone peed on it before i got here

he loved his big sister, sandy, and met her in heaven yesterday

and sandy loved him like a son

pita really loved belly rubs!

but he really, really loved his mommy!


his favorite time was christmas, 
and he had a ball unwrapping gifts each year.
even if the gift wasn't for him.

i'm going to miss my little shadow!

time to fly, my sweet pita pup.  
thank you for the love.
mommy will be ok

until later,


  1. ((HUGS)) There is nothing I can say about losing a family member other than, I 'do' understand. Pay attention for the visits from the other side.