Friday, January 13, 2017

finally 'finished' a waiting piece

i re-worked this piece today...

she's been sitting patiently in the studio with me skirting her every time i needed to move around the area.  she's a huge one, and i was not yet happy but hadn't found her muse yet.

today, she found me.  i guess pain really does help the artist create beauty, and art helps us thru the pain.  how can this be a win?  i don't know.  just one of those questions we will never be able to answer.

here she is!

she really pops now
 even in bad lighting

there are hints of her past life still visible.  

i adore her, and she will be getting a new name.  

"spirit of the elephant"

now we have to figure out how to photograph her to put her in the shop.  have i mentioned that she's huge?  cause, she is.

until later,

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