Friday, January 27, 2017

peaceful painting day

today i felt the muse!  it has been a peaceful day full of art therapy, and i'm so glad that it came in a loving way instead of the anger and unrest i have been feeling lately with pita pups passing.

i have two small canvasses i prepped in the same way with papers and inks that came out very dark, but very pretty

imagine two of these

i knew what needed to be painted on them, but they have been sitting here for many months, waiting very patiently.

today was the day.

first stage, roughing in the face

adding in some color to deepen the mood

stopping point for today. 

i'm very pleased that it came together with minimum of fighting me.  i love the texture of the papers underneath, and the depth i could create with the layers of paint.  this one is going to be amazing in the shop, since it's a small canvas, with lots of texture.  can't wait to see it as a tote!

until later,

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