Monday, December 26, 2016

affirmations in the shop!

you guys!  i'm so thrilled with this idea of affirmations!  i'm going to continue making bookmarks to give away and to sell, and i'm going to bring them all into the shop for other items as well (heh, i'm a poet!).  it's so exciting for me to think of these positive words and phrases bringing joy and light into the world at this time.  oh, is it needed!

today my hero hubby put 8 of my affirmations into the shop.  the bookmarks are strangely shaped, so they work on only few items.  i'm going to have to think of a way to get the bookmarks i want while also getting the full effect on the shop merchandise.

here are a few items to drool over.

"affirmation #1;
i allow myself to be happy" 
as a print

loving how it came out as a notebook

"affirmation #2;
i choose to see the light i am in this world"

how the tote worked out.  it's on my wish list!

"affirmation #4;
i fill my day with joy and share it with the universe"

the card came out nice

and this notebook makes me so happy!

"affirmation #6;
i matter"
 as a print
this fits nicely on most merchandise

"affirmation #8;
i am brave and strong"

this tote is also on my wish list

and how's this for a strong mug?

these items and more are all in the heavenspirit creations shop!  i have a total of 8 new prints up today, some with multiple items for the affirmation.  i have more waiting to be uploaded, and a brain full of ideas.  i'd love to hear your ideas for affirmations you'd like to see as a print!

i'll keep you posted!

until later,

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