Sunday, December 25, 2016

happy christmas, 2016!

my big craft for christmas gifts this year was bookmarks tailored to the recipient.  i chose affirmations that i wished my people would know or had more of in their life.

i started with sheets of watercolor paper and had fun with inks, acrylics and stamping a texture.  lots of layers, as thats how i like my art.


i cut them into random sized bookmarks, cause thats how i roll.  i don't need no stinking measuring device!  organic, baby.

i knew i wanted to use book pages in the bookmarks, so tried different ideas for the affirmation phrases.  i wasn't happy until i stamped the words onto the blank areas of the book pages.  it
took a little time for me to find the look i wanted, but i am pleased with the clean look it created.

after stamping, i went over with pen to darken the ink

i added several layers of gloss medium to seal and protect the bookmarks, learning as i went along.

some in the drying phase

i added ribbon to the bookmarks, and pixel kitty helped

my book loving friends and family loved their affirmation bookmarks, and i enjoyed sending them loving energies!

from my home to yours, heres to a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2017

until later,

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